What’s up? What’s up? What’s up Europe?

If you don’t get the title, you don’t listen to Marketplace and you don’t, like me, get these funny voices in your head when you say it.  Non-NPR nerds, please ignore.

1. Never fear, international breakfast is kind of back thanks to Trader Joe’s.
-Buy chocolate croissants at Trader Joe’s.
-The night before you want to eat them, set it them out and forget it!
-After a night of rising like 4x their size, they are so good!
2. I am extremely inefficient in the mornings.  I’ll spend 15 minutes checking email, eating my cereal, but only leave 5 minutes for picking out an outfit and getting ready.

Then, I learned about Style up from Big Mama.  They send you an email each night with tomorrow’s forecast and a suggested outfit.  Plus, you rate whether you like the outfits, so it’s like Tivo for clothes.  I don’t feel pressure to buy any of the clothes, but it is nice to have an idea if tomorrow is a tights or hose kind of day.  I think they call these first world problems.  Now I can save more time for applying make-up or other things I should be better at doing.

3. My new want/need: Champagne re-corker.  Thank you Junior League friends for teaching me about this product.  I will keep champagne bottles for longer than an hour now!
3_9567920_2_34. Happy Friday!!


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