Sloan Does Charleston

We celebrated Sloan’s bachelorette in Charleston a few weekends ago!

Jamie and I got a later start than everyone else and looked like two criminals who just broke out of prison.
After a night on the town Friday night, on Saturday with the sun shining and temps in the 70s, we took advantage of a spring day in the south.

We walked through the market
where beautiful sweetgrass baskets are made,stumbled upon a St. Patrick’s Day parade,
brunched at Poogan’s Porch,
which had some of the best biscuits,
walked through the beautiful streets of Charleston,
{window boxes, how I love thee}
hit up Rainbow Road,
took a carriage ride with this one,
walked to the battery (which always make me think of Pat Conroy),
picked out a few houses I wouldn’t mind living in
and got really frustrated that Atlanta burned down.  I wish we had Charleston’s charm.

Saturday night we honored our bachelorette!
and if you think she didn’t like her wand, think again
We had a great weekend together!
Especially dancing all night Saturday!It was a perfect weekend in a perfect city with a perfect time together!

I’m so thankful all these girls came together to celebrate our incredible friend, Sloan!
She is something special!
My only regret is coming back home.  


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