My Friends, well at least from my perspective

I read lots of blogs.  How fitting since I’m a blogger I blog.

My favorite part of my morning is sitting with my Honey Bunches of Oats with the Today Show on and opening my Google reader to see who posted!

Some of these are “famous” among the blogging world.  Some of them now have books deals.  Most are stay at home moms because that seems to be 95% of the blogging population.

And I talk about these people like they’re my friends (ahem, Aspiring Kennedy and Big Mama).  Whitney doesn’t judge me for this and Sloan and I luckily follow similar blogs, so we can talk about these people as if we’re going to meet them for a glass of wine next Tuesday.

However, with Google Reader going away this summer, I decided to add a blogroll tab at the top of my blog in case Feedly lets me down.  (I think it will.  It’s not user-friendly and their iphone app is horrible.)

So if you’re looking for some new blogs, click on the blogroll!


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