It’s What’s for Dinner: Sun In My Belly

Sloan and I put a pause on our restaurant club for a few months because she is busy getting ready for the wedding!!!

But I’m actually in another restaurant club with a group of girls that I haven’t yet featured on the blog!

For April, my church girls’ restaurant club went to Sun in my Belly in East Lake.  They’re known for their brunch, but we went for dinner.

“This place is like eating in Anthropologie.” -Kathleen

We all devoured loved our food.  I ordered the grilled meatloaf with warm grape tomato jam with garlic green beans and parmesan mashed potatoes.  All of it was amazing!  The meatloaf was tasty and the jam gave it a little spice.  The green beans were delicious, and the mashed potatoes were some of the best I’ve had.
All the girls loved their food too!  We shared our bites with each other, so you know it was good.  All the food has so much flavor!

Bonus: the prices were so reasonable!  The entrées were about $15!  You can’t find many restaurants in Atlanta that are that good and that cheap!

I loved going on a Thursday because they didn’t force us out of our table.  We just sat talking and talking and discussing our wonderful dinner.

I’d highly recommend Sun in my Belly for a date night or any night!


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