The day before their big day

Now, time to catch up on blogging my best friend’s wedding!

The morning of the rehearsal, Sloan’s grandmother, aunt, and cousin hosted the bridesmaid’s luncheon.
It was a lovely affair in Siloam, Georgia.
And the kind where you know you’re in good company when a friend (thanks Pease) takes your chicken salad in return for frozen fruit salad because you just can’t take the taste of chicken salad.

The best girls for the job!
We then went and helped set up for the lovely rehearsal dinner!
and later we rehearsed for the wedding of these love birds
then we toasted to them thanks to the great dinner hosted by these two at the Yesterday Cafe in Greensboro (home of the famous buttermilk pie which Carrie Underwood had at her wedding)
Her mama had us all in tears.
We, girls, were very good at getting in a line all weekend!
The boys, not so much
but one boy in particular was giddy all weekend

Next up: Sloan and Ryan’s wedding!


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