Sloan and Ryan 5.4.2013

The plan was to have an outdoor reception
complete with a chandelier hanging from a tree above the cake.
But it rained.
And it poured.
But that didn’t stop us from having a fabulous/amazing/fantastic time
with a hopping dance floor
and a beautiful setting with lights and flowers everywhere
and tasty food (hello mac and cheese bar)
and all of Sloan and Ryan’s fun friends and family.

It was a great wedding.
I didn’t want it to end.
In fact, I had to tell Sloan it was time to leave,
and I felt so bad.

I was honored to be her maid of honor,
and I’m incredibly happy for my best friend.

And this song sums it up perfectly:

I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day
When it’s cold outside,
I’ve got the month of May
I guess you’d say,
What can make me feel this way?
My girl.

{Her dad is a pine tree farmer}{Bride and Groom}


One thought on “Sloan and Ryan 5.4.2013

  1. You’re my favorite. And I’m sitting here at work crying. Love you. Thank you for being there for me, that day and always.

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