Tricia and Frank 5.18.2013

The wedding was two weeks ago, but they are now making the news, so it’s time I blogged about it!

Tricia, my next door neighbor in college, and Frank were married at her grandparent’s lake house on Lake Lanier.  After the ceremony, they walked over to the dock and then the dock flippend and the entire wedding party fell in.

You can see it on the Daily Mail, Yahoo, and Inside Edition.
 It was crazy!  Unfortunately, one of the bridesmaids dislocated her shoulder and didn’t make it to the reception.  A groomsmen cut his hand and had to get a tetanus shot.  Other than that, everyone was ok and the bridesmaids were able to dry their dresses.  Ek!  Everyone else laughed it off!

The rain held off for the reception too, so only the wedding party got wet!

It was a beautiful setting with lights in the trees and couches out on the lawn.
Our college roommates and Frank!
To send them off, we sent lanterns in the air!
Beautiful wedding and the happy couple is now skyping into the news from their honeymoon!


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