CJ Takes Miami

My oldest sister, twin brother, and I went to Miami over Memorial Day to see our first niece!   Oh and our other sister and brother-in-law too!

We soaked up our time with her
Popeye was just as excited to see us
We played!
and played dress-up
{and practiced her hook em!}When she was eating or sleeping, we had to find other ways to play dress up
We went around Miami and Coral Gables
and contemplated buying this purple PLEATHER dress
We celebrated baby happy hour, milk for all of us
We took a trip to the beach {for 20 minutes, some of us are a little fair and one of us was 3 weeks old}
and went out to lunch with a stylish little lady.
We tried to figure out why the Publixs in Miami have rows of huge tubs of saltines.  We never reached a conclusion.
Matt did yard work
Most of all, we had a great time being together and loved getting to love on this sweet girl!  She cried for about ten minutes the entire weekend!  What a happy baby!
Thanks for hosting us!
I just wish I could have brought this sweet baby home with me

5 thoughts on “CJ Takes Miami

  1. What a sweet sister, sister-in-law and aunt you are. Save this for Cici Jo – she will love it when she grows up. You all looked like you were having a great time and even though she was asleep, your words will bring it to life for her.

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