How to have a dinner party in your 20s (on the cheap)

When you don’t have a yard or a grill or the budget to get some filet mignon but you love entertaining, here’s a guide to have a dinner party with some friends!

Set the table:
Tablecloths (that you purchased last summer from Home Goods because you love linens) make everything fancy and fancy, well she doesn’t let me down.
Pick some flowers (gardenias in this case) from your garden!  Those are free!
Pick a dish that people wouldn’t think to make for themselves but is still easy and delicious.  I chose chicken piccata.  I used Giada’s recipe but also considered Ina’s.  Ina’s had more ingredients, so I went with the cheaper (and a little easier) option.
For the sides, I went with a salad and olive oil/lemon/basil pasta.  The salad takes a full minute to make, and the pasta is a light summer treat (which I first had at the beach with the Lady).
The trick is to make it all about your main dish because you don’t have time (after work when your stomach is growling) to have 3 top-notch dishes, just focus on one.
Also, have wine.  People love wine.

Every dinner party has to have dessert.  When it’s summer time, cobblers are a good option, especially Pioneer Woman’s blackberry cobbler.  Frozen fruit is cheaper too!
Her cobbler is a hit every time!
Make sure to invite hungry and fun friends over and you will have a great night!
It’s almost like we’re real adults.  Almost.


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