Berry Picking

We headed out to Adam’s Farm in Fayetteville this past weekend for berry picking.  It was a short drive from the city.

The strawberries were past season, but there were still a few raspberries and lots of blueberries and blackberries.
The raspberries were prickly, so I only came home with a handful.
 The blueberries and blackberries were plentiful and much more fun to pick.
(Blackberries grow red and then turn black when they’re ripe.  I didn’t know that until yesterday!)
The door to get to the net-covered blueberries
It was a HOT Saturday morning, but we had a great time!  I love my friends!
Plus, there’s a market at the farm.
I came home with some loot!
I used America’s Test Kitchen’s recipe to make blueberry muffins (made with yogurt), and they are amazing!
Next year, we will have to go earlier to get strawberries too!


2 thoughts on “Berry Picking

  1. Those muffins look amazing! Are you subscribed to America’s Test Kitchen or did you just find the recipe?

    • I have their cookbook! It’s a really good cookbook- they’ve taken all these different recipes and tested to see which one is best for that dish. However, sometimes I don’t do it because they call for too many ingredients and I’m too cheap!

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