Buford Highway Farmer’s Market

Ryan (of Sloan and Ryan) has been singing the praises of the Buford Highway Farmer’s Market.

It’s not really a farmer’s market but more like a regular grocery store.  Whitney and I ventured there last weekend.
In northeast Atlanta, this place is the size of Wal-Mart with only food.  It is intense- go with a list!
It has EVERYTHING.  I needed lemons and turned the corner and they were a million lemons
The produce is fantastic.  It goes on forever and is fairly cheap.  Plus, they have stuff like baby bananas
and a cactus leaf
and quail eggs (Does Quail Man eat these?)
There’s a whole section of meat and seafood, which has great prices as well (though Whit found her tuna to be tough)
Oh hey, I know her
There’s also a huge international section.
We of course stocked up on some Weetabix!

This grocery has anything you could ever need, reasonable prices, but not worth going to regularly.


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