Jenna and Stephen 7.5.2013

Two Fridays ago, Stephen and Jenna tied the knot at Summerour in Atlanta.

Jenna was a year older than me in the sorority, and I basically lived with her and Katie sophomore year in the house.  (I lived in three rooms that year, it was a great year)  She and Stephen, a Cincinnati boy, met when they were both living in NYC.  They now live in a cute little house in Atlanta and are such a fun and cute couple!  They are happy people!

The happy hour felt like a little Italian villa.
Jenna was a fabric design major in college, so she is crafty.

Exhibit A:

(and the jam was peach!)

Exhibit B: They have an odd fascination with dinosaurs and used some for the centerpieces during happy hour.  Then, kids lined them all up.
We ate such good food (even though she’s vegan, there was lots of meat and cheese!) I have really been impressed with wedding food lately!

Then, we hit the dance floor because their band was the best band I’ve ever heard at a wedding!  Az Izz was like going to a concert- they had dance moves to every song and their voices were great.  At the beginning of the night, they played older songs and then by the end, they were playing Atlanta rap songs.  They had more energy than a small child.

Yes, I got their card.  I’ll be passing it around to all my friends.  If you’re getting married or throwing a party, please hire them as your band and invite] me to this event.   They won’t let you down, so please don’t let me down.

We had such a great time!!

There was even a celebrity appearance- Jep Roberston from Duck Dynasty
Ok, so it’s just Joey, but he is a mountain man.
Everyone danced in a pretzel since the couple tied the knot!
King of Pops was there with their delicious and Atlanta’s favorite popsicles.
We took a blurry Sigma Kappa + spouses picture, but the bad lighting won the fight
We sent them on their way!
And now they are together forever!


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