I’m Royally Obsessed

I witnessed (through the nice folks at CNN) a piece of history today.  Happy history.
I’m in love with this family and feel bad that this is their son’s first time in the sunlight (though not bad enough to not watch)

She’s beaming. (my girl looking perfect, as always)
He’s a proud father.
The little prince is waving.
They’re just the cutest family.
To top it off, Wills carries the car seat like a normal dad
and nervously buckles the babe in safely, just like a first time dad
and drives his new family away, just like a regular dad (if you ignore the facts that they’re in a Range Rover and have a protection officer with them)
New backup/dream job: royal reporter

Seeing the baby boy with them makes me so happy!!!!!  What a precious family!!!  Team Cambridge shows that they truly are a team sharing the baby, both speaking to the press.  They’re the modern royals doing a fantastic job.

I’m off to London to visit the prince.  Not really.  But I should be.

Other articles about the day
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