It’s What’s For Dinner: Verde Taqueria

Restaurant club picked back up and went to Verde in Brookhaven for July.
It was our first time there, which is odd because it is a common hangout place among the young people of Atlanta, but I went again last night and am going later next week, so yes, I’m a fan.

We ordered chips and salsa along with margaritas.  The salsa was spicy (my tolerance is low), the chips were a little stale tasting, but the margaritas were strong and delicious as all good margaritas are.

For tacos, I had the grilled fish and fajita steak.  Sloan ordered the veggie and grilled fish.  My fish was excellent, and the steak was ok.  Last night I had the grilled chicken and it was good but spicy.
The tacos come about 70 seconds after you order them.

It was a good meal and if you don’t get a drink, you can spend less than $10, tip included.  Not the best chips/salsa, but the tacos make up for it!


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