Summer on the Cape: Part 1

My childhood best friend Tara’s husband Sean used to work in Cape Cod and returned to work again for a few weeks this summer.  I used this opportunity as my honeymoon babymoon gradschoolmoon before I start night classes in the fall.  We had a ball!!!  Such a fun trip!!

I took a car, train, airplane, and bus to get all the way to Woods Hole, Massachusetts, but it was so worth it.

Wednesday night we went to watch the sunset at the Knob
Thursday Tara and I drove the scenic route of the entire Cape, and we stopped anytime we wanted to take a picture, which was very often.

I now know that these are called moorings.  Boats in the ocean can’t be tied to the dock but must be anchored.  They were all gorgeous to me!
We stopped at this house in Chatham on our way, Hydrangea Walk.  My mom told me about it, and I’m so happy we went!  The hydrangeas bloom all summer long up north, I’m so jealous!  The flowers were gorgeous!!
Plus, I think they bought the lot across the street which looks out to the ocean.
We kept going all the way to Provincetown, which is at the very tip of the Cape.  We stopped at the lighthouse on the way.
Provincetown is where the whale watching boats dock.  It is a town known for its uniqueness and is a top destination spot for gays.

I love how they can and do plant flowers anywhere, just like England.
We shopped around, ate lunch, and walked the streets of Ptown, but some of it was a little too odd for us.  If it wasn’t raining and we had time to go whale watching, I would say Ptown was worth visiting.  It was very crowded, but we both decided, probably not worth the drive.
Yes, those are Barbies just sitting around a little pond outside a shop.

We headed back to Chatham, which was our absolute favorite town!
These are the cutest window boxes!  They were at the Tale of the Cod, which is also a cute name!
Everything about Chatham was just quaint.  It was like driving through England again, which is probably why they call it New England!  The Cape was lots of little villages full of great shops, one right after another.

Oh yes, they sell hats in Chatham!
We had plans to go to the Falmouth baseball game that night [top college baseball players play in a league on the Cape and the games are free!], but it rained out.  Instead, we went for ice cream!

On Friday, we headed to Newport, Rhode Island.  There was a big folk festival there that weekend, and Sean had the day off, so we got tickets and headed up early to explore the town.

I had just read about Newport in The American Heiress, so I was excited to recognize the names of the main streets.  Plus, I just knew I was going to run into classy girl wears pearls.  I didn’t.

We walked along the 40 steps and along the cliff walk, which takes you right along the ocean and in front of all the old big houses.  It is just beautiful and peaceful.
We walked on the grounds of the Breakers (because it’s free unless you want to go inside the house).  The Breakers was the Vanderbilt family summer cottage.  Yes, they used the term cottage to describe this:
I could throw a great Gatsby party here

We walked down all the shops on America’s Cup Avenue!  Newport was great!
Now that I know and love the nautical alphabet, I can tell you that the flags below read “Newport.”  Plus, it’s very fitting of Newport with a yacht in the background.  Lots of money here. Our view during lunch!
We headed to the Newport Folk Festival at Fort Adams State Park where we saw a few artists including The Last Bison, Feist, and Old Crow Medicine Show.

But we saw them in the pouring rain.  It finally stopped raining half an hour before the concert ended.  Luckily, it became very pretty out.
Like really pretty.  I had a moment just listening to the music and watching the sailboats.  I could watch them all day, especially while Old Crow Medicine Show plays.
The bridge between Jamestown and Newport
When we got back to the car, the sun was setting.  Tara and I ran to get past the cars to capture this!
We drove on Ocean Drive right near the state park and saw where the new money resides, at least part of the year.  We counted chimneys.

It was a great trip to the Ocean state for the day.  I loved Rhode Island!

Next up: Part 2!


3 thoughts on “Summer on the Cape: Part 1

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  2. Wow! I almost feel that I have been to the Cape… great story, great pictures, and great sites! So glad you had such a good time! :)
    P.S.- Love your new look! Very clean, lady-like, and simple.

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