Summer on the Cape: Part 2

Saturday, with the sun shining, we headed to Martha’s Vineyard!  We took the ferry over from Woods Hole, which only took 45 minutes.

It was such a beautiful day and not too hot (I love their weather)! The sailboats were all out
and the yachts were docked when our ferry pulled up
Then we noticed that one of the yachts had a helicopter on board!
We walked through Vineyard Haven and grabbed lunch.
We hopped on the bus to drive around the Vineyard.  For $7, you can get an all day bus pass (you buy it on the bus) and you can hop on/hop off all day.

Not all of the houses are up to par on Martha’s Vineyard, but I still found this one to be beautiful with the hydrangeas.
We went over to Oaks Bluff to check out the beach and off in the distance was a sailing race!!  How cool!
The houses in Oaks Bluff are Victorian style.
For the most part, the shops in Oaks Bluff were very touristy and a little trashier than I was expecting.  We took the bus down to Edgartown [and passed the bridge where Jaws was filmed], which is where the charm and money live.
We walked down to the Edgartown Dock/Yacht Club and watched all the sailboats.  There was a second story, so we could see above all the boats!  Sean joined us once he was off work [he works on the Vineyard sometimes!].
Only in Martha’s Vineyard do they go boating in a Vineyard Vines boat sporting a Vineyard Vines tie
I could have set there all day waiting the sailboats.  When the ferry took off to Chappaquiddick, the sailboats would rotate 180 to get out of the way in about two seconds.  Lots of the sailboats had sponsors.  They were legit.
We walked back to the shops to do a little shopping.
Someone was happy to be at the original Vineyard Vines (well actually they moved the original to this new location but it’s close enough)
If we had more time and felt like carrying around our swimsuits, we would’ve gone down to South Beach [not Miami] to check out the beaches, which Sean claims are the best in the area.

We took the bus back to Oaks Bluff to have a nice dinner before catching the ferry back to the Cape.
It was a beautiful night, even a little chilly, and this view with these people made it fabulous!
I drank a Lobster Ale while eating at Lobsterville and ordering a lobster.  It was my first lobster.  I had already tried clam chowder and crab dip, might as well try lobster too!  Somehow I chickened out [pun intended] in PEI.  Then, they lost our order after we had already been waiting for over an hour for our appetizer, and I had about 15 minutes to eat a full lobster before we had to run to catch the last ferry.  Thank goodness for the local guys sitting next to us who showed me how to crack it open.
Verdict: Pretty good, better with butter but lots of work!

We literally ran to the ferry, but we had such a wonderful day on the Vineyard!

On Sunday, after three busy days, we took it easy.  We took Crosby, Tara’s dog, to the beach.
This lab is in love with the water.
Even though the sand was rocky, it was the best kind of beach: people in the water were fine in swimsuits, but those on the sand could wear a long sleeve and not sweat.  Not too hot, not too cold.  I love their summer weather!
The Knob, where we watched the sunset the first nightAfter a morning at the beach, we had a picnic lunch in Woods Hole at Pie in the Sky.
And explored downtown Falmouth (right next to Woods Hole) that afternoon
Falmouth was so lovely, a lot like Chatham!

We drove around Woods Hole, so I could stop and take a picture of my favorite mailbox.
and this house, which I loved.  Yes, the majority of them were this pretty.
And I didn’t know that the Cape was so patriotic, but there were American flags everywhere!

We ventured over to Nobska Lighthouse too.
For dinner that night, we met Sean’s friends at the BBC, the British Beer Company.  It was a great end to the trip!

What a fabulous trip it was!  It was wonderful to spend so much time with Tara and Sean and was even better getting to do it in such a beautiful part of the country!  I absolutely loved it there, and if anyone wants to go back, I’m in!

Summer on the Cape: Part 1


2 thoughts on “Summer on the Cape: Part 2

  1. It kinda sounds like you want to move there. Which would be ok, if I could visit at least 3 times a year (and you come back here 3 times a year.)

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