Movin’ on up

Whitney and I lived together senior year of college and then once she got back from working on the Sound of Music Tour in Austria, (yes, true story) we have lived together since. A good four years as roommates with some other lovely ladies as well!

We joke that we’re considered a common law marriage by this point.

And now the time has come for us to separate. As if this wasn’t hard enough last year.

I’ll miss trying the newest acne thing she’s read online and believing Dr. Whitney to see if it works.

I’ll miss the morning comment, “Oh SK, cute outfit.” This girl is a saint with compliments.

I’ll miss being in awe of how one woman can produce 1 piece of trash in one day but 10 things to recycle.

I’ll miss hearing, “I’m so hungry. I think I’ll make a salad.” [Why didn’t more of this rub off on me]

I’ll miss watching movies with her while we both look up what is going to happen on wikipedia because we have to know and then still shocked when it actually happens.

I’ll miss telling her everything that happens in Downton Abbey before it happens in America because I need someone to discuss it with and she just needs to know.  Mary and Matthew forever.

I’ll miss complaining about it being so hot with someone who could survive in an igloo.  [I’m not stopping complaining.]

I’ll miss a DVR full of SVU and talking about how we wish Annie had more Liv and Elliot in her life.

I’ll miss coming home to someone with a cd player and headphones teaching herself French.

I’ll miss listening to Harry Potter and Game of Thrones podcasts.

I’ll miss apologizing for being five minutes late when she is ten minutes early.

I’ll miss being inspired to try something a little more creative with my outfit choices. Tights in every color, why not?

I’ll miss dressing up as Luna Lovegood and Dobby.

I’ll miss all of our international breakfasts that really were just an excuse to drink tea and eat scones and crepes.  When England and French have good breakfast, there is no need to try anything else.

I’ll miss the hilarious stories and impressions of funny professors and talks of moving abroad.

I’ll miss debating who would be better to marry- Hugh Grant or Colin Firth.

I’ll miss keeping You’ve Got Mail on the DVR because every day is a good day to visit the shop around the corner.

I’ll miss having someone to complain with about those dang dogs upstairs or plotting something to get the kid next door to stop rolling his bike.  [We would never!]

Most of all, I’ll miss coming home to my best friend, telling her everything, and laughing all night with her.  She truly is happy and witty and funny and charming and lovely and just wonderful to be around.

I’m extremely proud of her as she sets out on a new adventure in her life, and I’m already plotting when I can go visit!!  and thank goodness we live in a world of facetime and skype!


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