Death Valley with a lake

Well, I’m never wearing that outfit again.

I’ll start with the fun stuff: mimosas
We met Alison and the crew at the lake Saturday morning and headed to campus.

We then drove looking for parking for a good hour as the cheapest spot we could find was $60.  Holy smokes!  Some spots were $200.  I have never seen parking that expensive!

We walked our way across campus to the tailgate and passed gameday filming along the way!

Some Clemson students wear these orange overalls.  I asked someone why and they replied, “it’s tradition.”  All I could think of was that would be SO HOT.
The campus itself was pretty and green, somewhat like Auburn but not with as much charm.  Tailgating in fields, not so much under trees unless you’re a booster.  It was HUMID and sunny and HOT until it rained and actually cooled everything off!
Despite the sauna environment, we had a fabulous time tailgating!  We had so much food!  Lots of Clemson alumni and a few of us UGA grads, all friends from church in Atlanta!
And then without any cell service, I found these two fellows who brought my best girl with them to surprise me!

We walked around campus trying to find tickets but the only ones we could find with two together were going for $300 a piece.

So I decided to keep my $300 and instead join everyone else at the bar where the beer was only $2!  $200 saved, $60 spent.  Just kidding!  Plus, Alison was rocking this great look :)
We took a UGA pic while we were winning!
And then at the end of the game, the other team had more points than us.

Even though I think I head “1, 2, 3, 4 C-L-E-M-S-O-N-T-I-G-E-R-S” about 543 times, the Clemson fans were all very nice.  They were just excited to have a big game with gameday and the whole shebang.

It was a rough loss, but if you ignore the part about the game, it was a great time with Clemson and Georgia friends!

Go Dawgs!


3 thoughts on “Death Valley with a lake

  1. Yes, that outfit should never be worn again. :( And I can’t believe y’all walked past gameday because we were right there! Oh, well. Sad day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

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