LSU in Athens: Take me back

Last Saturday started out well riding with Team J to the game: Jim, Justin, and Josh and then got better with a Chick-fil-a biscuit on the way and a mimosa at the tailgate.  

The tailgating was perfect!  The weather couldn’t have been better.  70s in the morning with a few clouds and a nice breeze!  Plus, I got to wear my new $12 dress.  Holla.
Even better getting to see all my favorite tailgating friends!
Especially the lady
Gameday was in Athens, but I was too lazy having too good of a time to make the ten minute walk to see Bubba and Willie.  Plus, I went to gameday at 5:30am when I was a senior, so I’m justifying to you why I didn’t feel the need to go again.  (We lost when I went for the UGA/Bama game and then we lost again to Clemson when I walked past it this year, so gameday and I are good from the tv)
[Yes, this is a picture of a tv.  High quality photos on this blog]

Then, when I thought the day was already going splendidly, one of our old players who won the Heisman and led us to a national title showed up at our other tailgate!  HERSCHEL WALKER!!!  Josh was all about taking his picture with him, and I was trying to play it cool and not want to bother him, but I’m so glad we did.

My only regret is not feeling his arm to see how tough he is now that he is a MMA fighter.

Then, not long after, came Lindsay Scott!  Run Lindsay, Run!
And we got photo-bombed by an old man.  Nice.

The game.  Oh the game.  It was quite stressful as all close games are.  Each time we scored, LSU scored.

Both teams showed up to play with the exception of our secondary.

When we score, our section gets a little superstitious.   We may have asked one man not to move and make his way back to his seat after a touchdown.

Towards the end of the fourth quarter, when there were two minutes left and we were ahead, the woman in front of me wouldn’t stand up because she had been sitting when we scored.  I gave her a play by play and she commented, “You are as cool as a cucumber right now.”  If only she knew that I was utterly freaking out inside.

Then, all ended well!  We held them and won 44-41!!!  We beat LSU!!!!  We high-fived  and hugged everyone around us.  The lady next to me said, “I’m so happy that we experienced this together!”

James asked, “Can we get all of our friends and stay in the stadium the rest of the night and just take it all in?”

Because that’s the kind of day it was.  A Saturday in the fall in Athens with a Heisman winner, great friends, perfect weather, the Bulldog nation, and a Georgia win.  The best kind of day.


One thought on “LSU in Athens: Take me back

  1. Sounds like a perfect day! And that letter Loran wrote to Larry made me tear up, which was really awkward at work.

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