The Apple of My Eye

A few weeks ago, my niece and sister came for a visit and the highlight of their trip was the family driving up to Blue Ridge in the north Georgia mountains.
How cute is that face?!

We had a great lunch and played dress up with our doll, though in my opinion, nothing beats a bow on a Southern baby girl.
I think she looks like Max from Grumpy Old Men here.  But cuter.
We went to Mercier Orchards for the afternoon.  It’s becoming a fall tradition.
We bought all apple things- apple butter, apples, apple pies and tried the hard apple cider.  The little lady tried to get some herself.  She knew what she was missing.

But as with all things with a baby, it’s all about the pictures.

With the grandparents
With her favorite aunt and mama

Other than getting to take some of these home with us (Fried apple pie=Heaven)
the best part was spending time with this baby girl and her mom


2 thoughts on “The Apple of My Eye

  1. That is a marvelous picture of you, Cicie Jo and Amanda Panda! Everyone is beautiful!

    I don’t know if your mother will remember this, but when we were children sometimes Patty Miller (the lady who came in to help Moma out sometimes) would make fried pies. After school, when we hit the threshold of the house we just knew Patty Miller had been making fried pies and it was a run on the cold milk in the fridge to see who could get all set up for the first of many pies. They are the best aren’t they? Especially Patty Miller’s, God bless her soul.

    This was a particularly sweet post. Thank you.
    Aunt Paula

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