Sustainer Soiree

Poor Daynes.  She called me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I had lunch plans for a Sunday afternoon.  In return, I used the opportunity for free therapy.

I had a huge event for Junior League that week.  An event with 200 people.  The same week I had projects due for school, had taken on a new role at work while still juggling my old role, and had to spend that Saturday folding 1,000 letters (during the UGA game but luckily we finished early).  Plus, I hadn’t figured out what I was going to wear to this event.

I was stressed and Daynes was the poor soul on the other end of the line listening to me vent and vent and have a mini break-down.

But then, two days later, I received this card in the mail from her.

I knew complaining about my problems (that I signed up for on my own will) wasn’t going to make them go away or for Thursday to get there any faster, but sometimes, it’s just nice to talk to a friend and tell her how you really feel when you overloaded your plate.

That’s the thing about God.  He provides these wonderful people in your life who help you right when you need them.  I received numerous calls, texts, cards, and post-celebration drinks.  My mom helped stuff over 100 gift bags.  The Leaugue women worked so well together and made the night a success.

Sometimes I want to cry (ok fine, I do) at how blessed I am.  Thank you to everyone who had to deal with me that week (ok, all weeks).  Thank you friends for being encouraging and supportive.  I am lucky to have y’all in my life.

Here is a picture from the night and more from the event!

And y’all, never underestimate the power of a funny card.


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