Homecoming against App State

Saturday, we played Appalachian State.  I only heard people bring up them beating Michigan about 37 times.  You never know what to expect with our Dawgs, but luckily we were victorious, 45-6!

I had a great time with these two

and these people too!It was another early game, but it was gorgeous!
But really, the best and worst view was a few rows ahead of me.
Yes, my friends, that is a mullet.  In 2013.  With a denim shirt.

Is it a man or a woman?  I’m not really sure.  Is it a Dawgs fan? Unsure but highly doubtful.  Just a fan of keeping the 80s alive.

When I was on a bike tour in Munich, our guide told us to yell out “Mullet” each time we saw one because the Germans had no idea what it meant.  We happily obliged, and it took everything in me to not yell it out at the game.

But it kept me upbeat after another targeting call.

Congratulations to Murray on setting the career SEC passing TD record!

Go Dawgs, beat Auburn.


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