The Ladies Take Manhattan At Christmas

I’ve always had a dream of visiting New York at Christmas to see the tree.  This past Christmas (well over a month ago now), that dream came true!  We took a girls trip to NYC for a long weekend!

Ann Hughston, Janell, Allison, and I flew into NYC early Thursday afternoon, checked into our hotel right in Manhattan, and walked straight to the tree.  (This hotel had three mirrors for getting ready, perfect for a girls’ weekend!)
It was early enough in the day that it wasn’t crowded.  What a beautiful sight it was!
I could have gone home happy at this point but I’m glad I didn’t.  We split some cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery and headed over to the Top of the Rock to see the city at sunset.
From there we walked Fifth Avenue (lights everywhere, so gorgeous!!) and headed over to a delicious dinner at Fig & Olive.  We went  out on the town to Momofuku and the St. Regis.

Friday morning we walked to Sarabeth’s for brunch (very, very good!) and then walked to Macy’s.
Fifth Avenue was decorated most and best, but all the parks along our walk were decorated for Christmas.  With the exception of the horrible, nasty smell of roasted chestnuts, it was a magical time in the city.
Macy’s was quite spectacular and overwhelming.  And then there was the line for Santa which was a three and a half hour wait.
The windows outside Macy’s
We popped over to the Christmas Market at Bryant Park
Then we hopped on the subway to Times Square to stand in line at TKTS to buy Broadway tickets.  We ended up seeing the Rockettes since it was appropriate for Christmas in New York and we could attend the 4:00 show and still keep our dinner plans.  We’re all about the food.
None of us would say that we were big fans of the show, but it was nice to take a break and rest our feet.  But the live nativity scene at the end of the show makes it worth it.

We headed down to Bianca in NoHo for supper.  It’s a tiny Italian restaurant that only takes cash and felt like a scene out of the Godfather.  We got there early so we didn’t have to wait, and I’m so glad we went there  because the food was amazing.  Plus, the prices were very reasonable, with most entrees under $15.  This was probably my favorite restaurant the whole weekend!

After dinner, we headed down to Death & Co speakeasy, but being a group of 4 girls, the wait in the cold was short!

On Saturday, we woke up to snow!  After a bagel for breakfast, we took the subway from Grand Central to the Met.
Before going into the Met, we walked through Central Park as it was snowing!
This was so much fun!!!  It was really, really cold and the snow was in our faces, but it was just great!  We had a perfect time being in the snow.

Meanwhile, Janell  was staying warm and dry at the Met, so we went to go see her and some great works of art.

We took the subway down to go to the 9/11 memorial (which you have to have tickets for).  By this point, the snow was blowing so hard that it was painful.  It was hard to take in  the memorial when you can’t feel your toes and when security is yelling at you to hurry up, so I’d like to go back next time I’m in the city, but I’m still glad we went.
We went to lunch across the street at Blue Planet Pizza.  I randomly picked this place because it was close and pizza sounded good, and it blew us away.  Maybe the best pizza I’ve ever had.  Well other than Antico.

Ann Hughston and I trekked and trekked through the subway and snow
to get to McSorley’s, the oldest bar in the city.  When we finally made it, there was a long line due to Santacon.  In fact, all the bars in town had lines outside because they were at max capacity.  I could barely stand waiting at a crosswalk with the snow cutting my face and the freezing temps (even with long underwear on!) that I can’t imagine waiting an hour outside to get into a bar.  Plus, there was literally not a cab to be had out there.
Instead, we made our way over to Bryant Park to go ice skating with AH’s friend!
It was my first time skating on an outdoor rink and even better since it was snowing!
This was the perfect way to end our perfect Christmas weekend in NYC!

The city was truly magical.  It was an incredible trip and such a wonderful time with good friends.  Next time I visit the city, I’m going when it’s a little warmer!


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