Jay and Emmy 1.18.14

Kerrville, TX: Home of Johnny Football and the site for my cousin’s wedding last weekend.

I flew into San Antonio and of course made a stop with Mama and Daddy at Luby’s, the Ritz of cafeterias.  This restaurant was a staple of my childhood.  If you’ve seen King of the Hill, Hank’s niece, Luanne Platter is named after Luby’s  dish, the Lu Ann.  Best served with chicken fried steak.

We made our way to Kerville and helped get ready for the rehearsal dinner that night, which was a great time for the two families to meet.

My family in town that night with the bride and groom minus Aunt Karen who is always behind the camera!
The siblings.  This one is tough because we are so happy to have them all together, but we really missed our Aunt Cathy this weekend.  We know she was watching down telling Emmy, “oh darling, you are a beautiful bride!”

The party featured really good Tex-Mex with a grill station outside!

This wreath hung on the door of the couple’s new house- two lovebirds, isn’t that precious?!

On Saturday, a few of us went to Fredericksburg for the day and ate and shopped!  Pretty Texas limestone
And found a five and ten store, which made the old older people happy!  (ok, me too)
The Texas hill country- full of armadillos, rattlesnakes, cactus, and rolling hills.  It really is pretty.

That afternoon I got my nails done with the ladies and guys who hopefully tipped them very well.  Uncle Chris will not install a massage chair in his tv room.

Then it was time for the wedding, which was beautiful!  And so sweet!  And Emily looked gorgeous!!  Aunt Paula too!  What a happy occasion!

I was sad for Emmy that her dad was in the hospital and couldn’t make it, but thanks to it being 2014 where he was able to watch through Facetime!

We partied it up at the reception!  And we ate really, really good food!  My cousin is a chef and has good taste- quail pizza, butternut squash soup, duck confit, a whole pig, sliders, and more.
Uncle Bruce and I kept the dance floor going along with this jokester.
We loved on sweet baby Jack
and had good cousin time!
On Sunday, we had brunch at Jay’s family ranch overlooking the Guadalupe River.
A sight for sore eyes.  How beautiful!  I love the Texas hill country!

It was a lovely way to wrap up a great weekend with family I love so much!  We are excited to welcome Jay into our family!

Texas, we’ll come back now, ya hear!


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