Snowpocalypse 2014

Maybe this is becoming a thing every three years, but Atlanta had another snowpocalypse last week.  At this point, frankly, I’m tired of talking about it.  You can read all about why it happened here and how great people were here and here.  It was nuts.

In the event of this blog recording some of my life, I thought I’d share my tale so when I’m old and flying my car and teleporting, I’ll remember what it was like when the city of Atlanta was shut down.

I had a lovely lunch with Kacina in Athens and then received an email that UGA was canceling class at 3:30 due to the impending weather conditions, which happened to be the start time of the career fair I was working for my company.  However, the career fair was still on.

There weren’t many companies who decided to make the drive from Athens and most probably got stuck somewhere on I-85, so I talked to nearly every student there.  Great for the company, bad for my throat.  Oh boy did I wash my hands at the end of that day.

Back to the story, I told the two women at the booth next to me that I was about to make the drive back to Atlanta and they said in no way was that a good idea.  At this point, I had heard from friends who had horrible drives home.  Sloan’s instagram was an indication that things weren’t looking good.  But Atlanta rush hour usually lasts 4 hours, so by the time I got there, I’d be fine.  It was just a little snow, no ice.  Wrong.  Well good thing my mother forbid me from driving.  I probably would have had to abandon my car and sleep at a shelter like so many others.  Or get stuck on the Perimeter for over 20 hours like my friend from League.  I still can’t get over that women who had a baby in her car.

I was snowed/iced/road blocked out of Atlanta.  Athens didn’t get hit as badly.

So I stayed at a hotel in downtown Athens for two days and became friends with those two women.  We went shopping for clean clothes to wear.  Dined at my favorite Athens restaurants (miss you Five Star Day) (love you Last Resort).  Caught up on some sleep.  Perused the bar scene.  Monitored work email.  Walked north campus and all of downtown.  All on the company dime.  (well not the bars or shopping)

I was very lucky.  While all of Atlanta was sitting in their cars and sleeping at stranger’s houses, I spent two days in one of my favorite cities with new friends.

I was a tiny bit sad to leave this mini trip, but I was so happy to make it back home, especially so I could celebrate my birthday with a great dinner!


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