A Fabric Headboard

I made a fabric headboard a few weeks ago for my new room!  Ok, my parents really, really helped.  

It was an adventure fitting the plywood in my car, but it worked.

I used 5 inch foam from Jo Ann’s.  4 inch foam would have been preferable but by the time I lugged over the 5 inch foam, that was fine with me!
I free handed a cut out of the plywood to give it a nice shape.  Then, after cutting one side with a serrated knife, I flipped over the wood to trace the other side to make sure the sides were even.
After stapling the batting down over the foam, the fabric went on.  I went with a solid and something basic so I can change out my pillows and lampshades later if I want.  You can also add beading or upholstery nails to give a more defined look.
Daddy then drilled two holes into the bottom plywood to secure it to my bed frame.

Total Cost
$50… 3 yards of linen fabric from Forsyth Fabric
$30… Sanded BC Pine 4’x8′ from Home Depot that we had cut down to I can’t remember what dimensions!
$75… 1 2/3 yard of 5 inch foam from Jo Ann’s (be sure to print off a 40% off coupon to buy this!  Otherwise, it would have been $125!)
$8… Batting
Staples & Staple gun

Total: $163 versus Pottery Barn’s $600!

Loving the finished product!


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