Life lately in the frozen tundra of Atlanta

Last weekend Jim took me to see the Book of Mormon!  

We really, really liked it!  It was hilarious!  Yes, crude at times but really funny.  The singing was great, and the actors did a phenomenal job.  Very creative storyline and scenes.  My only complaint was that at times it was really hard to understand what some of the actors were saying.  Some were supposed to have Ugandan accents and speak really fast, so I  missed some of their funny lines.  But still, a top play!

Yesterday, I opened up my mail to find myself (along with 5 other lovely ladies) on the cover of the Junior League magazine!  We went to a studio a few weeks ago to stand on ladders, me having to go the highest because of my height, to have our picture taken.  I am honored to stand alongside these women and represent an organization which does so much to help the Atlanta community.
Now, if I’m going to toot my own horn, this wasn’t my first magazine cover.  Back in third grade, I graced the first edition of Image, a magazine for my  county in Texas.  I just so happened to be in ballet with the editor’s daughter.  Unfortunately, I don’t think the magazine is still in publication.  Probably couldn’t top that first edition cover.

Round 2 of Atlanta’s snowpocalypse began yesterday.  It was snowing/raining/sleeting at work but melted by the afternoon.  The temperature dropped last night and things aren’t looking good for the roads of Atlanta.
We are covered in ice with more coming in tonight.  We are the lucky ones who still have power.

The icicles are pretty.
And the snow makes everything look so nice as we take a break from working and walk through Narnia.
This snowstorm, I’m happy to be home this time with my duck boots and fleece lined leggings (and clean underwear).
and my fabulous roommate!
Good thing we have the Olympics and Mark Richt curling to keep us entertained until cabin fever sets in!


3 thoughts on “Life lately in the frozen tundra of Atlanta

  1. Congratulations Cover Girl! So happy for you. The JL is so lucky to have you working for them
    on their behalf! Great photo too!

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