Veggie Garden

I’m sick of the recap posts myself, so I can’t imagine how the rest of you are feeling.

Back at the end of March, maybe early April, I planted some vegetables, fruit, and herbs.

Here they are in their glory now.
Far left pot: Two tomato plants, one is bigger sandwich type tomatoes and the other is growing grape (or maybe cherry) tomatoes

However, I had to adjust the metal tomato cage (because I may have put it in there upside down, we can pretend I didn’t do that), and I had a casualty of a branch of my tomatoes.  I stuck the branch in some water, and it immediately started producing roots.  I can’t decide if I should plant the branch back in the soil or keep it in the water.  There are 5 tomatoes growing off this branch.
The rest of the plant is producing and tastes great in my salads
Middle pot: My green peppers are starting to bud!  The strawberries in this pot were a bust.  Each strawberry grew in half eatable, half rotten.
(and I know what you’re thinking, no, I didn’t hire a professional photographer for these pictures)

My herbs are in the pot on the right- basil, cilantro, and rosemary, all regulars in my cooking. Besides one less thing to have to buy at the grocery, these taste so fresh and good.

And then there’s my Boston fern next to the front door.  Along with a statue of UGA of course (my Clemson roommate just loves it!).  I’m a big fan of ferns.
One day it’ll be nice to plant in something other than pots, but for now, my little porch suits me just fine.


3 thoughts on “Veggie Garden

  1. Love it! I’m actually a little jealous right now. I wish I had something growing! Next year, want to help me with a big garden? We can split the shares!

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