Georgia grown with love

After running the Peachtree for the sixth year in a row, I’ve decided on another July 4th tradition that I’m bringing back to the holiday.

For as long as I can remember, Mama made vanilla ice cream every 4th.  We had it in our small town in Texas where we had to watch fireworks from the mall parking lot.  We had it those few years in West Virginia, and we’ve had it in Georgia as well.  I remember it churning on the back deck and Daddy add more rock salt.

And y’all, if you haven’t made ice cream at home, you have not lived.  I don’t know if it’s the heavy cream (ok, it probably is) or what, but homemade ice cream is the best.  It even beats Blue Bell.

So this year, on the 5th (the 4th was busy, it was a holiday weekend), I made peach ice cream while Jim made a peach dump.  He picked peaches at the farm, and they were delicious.  Plus, Sloan and Ryan let me borrow their ice cream maker.

We used America’s Test Kitchen recipe for the ice cream, and I loved it.  Not too sweet, not too rich.  I think next time I’d puree the peaches more instead of just mashing them to avoid having a frozen chunk of peach.

Peach ice cream with peach dump… I’d say it’s summer in Georgia.
Which brings me back to my garden I’m growing… in Georgia.  Did that transition work at all?  No, ok, moving on.

I’ve always grown basil in the summer, and I’ll throw it in a dish here and there, but this year I wanted to get more use out of the plant, so I decided to make pesto.

My plant in all her glory pre-chopping.  This was enough for me to cut 2 cups and still have some left over.
I used this recipe from Food Network, which had great reviews.

I combined everything in the blender.  Time saving tip- Pine nuts are in the baking section, not in the nuts.
I blended while my pasta was cooking until it looked like so
And then I poured on top of pasta with the tomatoes from my garden for a lovely roommate dinner!
Super quick and easy meal that tasted so fresh!  Plus, it made enough pesto to use again.


2 thoughts on “Georgia grown with love

  1. I planted my basil super late, so I still don’t have very much. But when I do, I’m totally making pesto! Yummy!

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