Lonesome Dove

I’ve been reading lots of case studies for school lately.  I know all about Herman Miller and their quest to not destroy the environment with more office chairs and Gillette trying to sell more razors in the south Pacific.

But for fun, I’ve been reading Lonesome Dove.  It took me many months to read this classic, but that’s not because it wasn’t good.
lonesome doveIt was one of the best books I’ve read.  Gus, Call, Deets, Lorena, Clara, these are characters I know and love.  I don’t know what to say to make you read this book other than you must.  The characters were developed so well, their story of taking cattle from south Texas to Montana was just so good.

My coworker lent me her DVDs of the mini-series, and I’m excited to start it.  Robert Duvall just might make me love Gus McCrae even more.


“to an aspect of womankind that Gus was always talking about – their penchant for flying directly in the face of reason.”




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