Saturday Doughnuts

The closest Shipley’s is in Hoover, AL 3 hours away (the best doughnuts in the world for you non-Texans).  Krispy Kreme is too sweet, Dunkin Donuts is too cakey, not that it stops me from eating either one.

I made doughnuts last Saturday in hopes of having a hot and fresh doughnut (or is it donut?  I don’t think so.) at home.

I didn’t feel like making the dough from scratch, and I had seen online people raving about using canned biscuits as the dough.  Seemed easy enough.  Plus, the recipe was a Paula Deen one and had 5 stars for 191 reviews, couldn’t be bad.

I cut the biscuits
and dropped them into the Fry Daddy
Then covered them in the glaze
and ate them.

And they weren’t that good.  Super, super heavy.  Like a very thick cake.  Plus, let’s just say that these fried pastries did not agree with my stomach.

I’m glad I tried it.  These were easy to make, but I think my stomach and waistline will be in favor of me not making these again.  But there’s always the drive thru.


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