and then some of August

After getting to see my parents off, Maggie (my sorority sister who is also a twin) and Hikel were married that weekend with the reception at the Atlanta History Center.  Isn’t she gorgeous??

It was a gorgeous wedding and the couple is so happy.  They met while Maggie was in dental school (she’s now on her way to be an orthodontist) and Hikel in med school at UAB.  While Maggie is a Georgia girl, Hikel’s family lives in Alabama, but they are from Lebanon and my word do the Lebanese know how to dance.  There were few people in their seats during the Lebanese dance, it was so fun, and I’ve never seen men so into dancing, I loved it.  Hikel was carried around!

This wedding was so fun and good to catch up with Katie and Joey!  Like normal, Joey was a crowd favorite while the rest of us rocked the dance floor.
Sigma Kappa girls

The next weekend was rafting with a group of 30 from church.  We went up to the Nantahala River in Bryson City, NC.  I thought wearing a tank top and shorts was fitting for the middle of August, but it turns out that the river water is used for the nearby power plant, so the water is ice cold, about 40 degrees.

We managed to make a record of 10 spins going through one rapid.  I may have had some sore arms the next day.
Our guide doing a nice air guitar.  Summer, I have loved you.


2 thoughts on “and then some of August

  1. Yay for new posts! You have had a fun, busy summer, SK!

    ps blogging is a really good way to artistically, albeit tastefully, reflect all of your hobbies, don’t you think??? ;)

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