California: A San Francisco Treat

Jim had a work trip in Napa for a week, so we went early to tour around and his parents joined us.  The trip was so fun, we had a great time!

–Thanks to Mrs. Patty, our resident ipad photographer, we have a ton of pictures and there is so much that I want to remember, so there are going to be lots of posts, sorry, but if you don’t read them, I’ll never know!

His parents left before us to visit farms south of San Francisco.  I had no idea that artichokes grow like this, so now you know too.

We flew into San Fran and met them at Fisherman’s Wharf and took a trolley from our hotel at Union Square (the trolley was as a super long wait) (after getting lunch of course, I like to eat)

then we hopped right on a boat tour of the Golden Gate Bridge.  (We got tickets in advance and they’re good for anytime that day, plus they have an AAA discount, AH, I know you’re reading this :)

We were 4 of probably 15 people on the boat tour.  We went under the Golden Gate and then around Alcatraz.  The sun was out and the sky was beautiful.  It made for great views!  It was my first time being to SF and seeing the bridge, it did not disappoint!
(my new favorite candid of Jimbo, caught beer handed)
The water is so blue and green, it is beautiful.  I would never have expected the land on the other side of the bridge to be so rocky but it was so pretty and if you have time, a neat park to visit so I’ve heard!
We saw the sea lions at Fisherman’s Wharf.  They were barking and playing a little king of the mountain.

and then we walked to Lombard Street where Jim kept saying, “let’s just go a little bit farther” and then somehow we walked up to the very top.
A tough and hot walk up the hill but maybe easier than driving it, and I’m glad we did it.The views were incredible
Jim’s brother David gave us a good recommendation for dinner at Sotto Mare.  If you have more than 2 people, they take reservations.  While you’re waiting for your table to be ready, you are poured a glass of wine or two in our case.  We didn’t object.
The guys split the cioppino, a SF dish with a bunch of seafood in a stew, which they loved.The ladies had fish and pasta.  It was all very good.  The owner walks around the restaurant talking to everyone.  It was a hole in the wall, we loved it.  
The next morning we woke up early (thank you eastern time zone) and made it to the Golden Gate Bridge Pavilion area to see a view of the bridge.

View of the cityAnd then we drove on the bridge off on our way to Napa commenting how if there was an earthquake, the bridge is probably the safest place to be!  (oh the foreshadowing here)

San Francisco was a neat city.  The views were what made it.  However, I don’t think it’s a town for me.  The people were quite unique.  Neat to visit and really glad we did, but I just couldn’t see myself spending lots of time there.  Napa on the other hand but I guess I would need to be a millionaire to afford it.


2 thoughts on “California: A San Francisco Treat

  1. I remember being in San Francisco and my cheeks started to hurt and cramp. Then I realized I had been smiling for hours because everything was so beautiful and I was so happy!

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