Fall 2014 Wrap-up

Now that school is finished for the semester, I’ll give a little recap of November and Thanksgiving.

Life has been busy with school presentations and papers and heading to Athens for football games.  And traffic, lots of sitting on Atlanta highways thinking of other things I could be doing than getting cut off by another BMW.

We did Habitat with our Bible study one day.  This is for you, Daddy.
and this one is for me, what a cutie.
and this one is for all the gentlemen out there because my friends are cute!

I really should have done this post after the Auburn game back when we weren’t headed to the Belk Bowl and my spirits were higher.  Athens was so much fun for the Auburn game.  It was extremely cold, but with my 3 layers and a Georgia win, I was warm and happy!  Night games are the best.

After the Charleston Southern game, I met Kacina and Jason’s newest addition and she is the sweetest.  The baby let me snuggle with her, what an angel.  Look at all that hair, she gets it from her Mama!

Jim’s family was gracious to have me down for Thanksgiving.

We had lunch at the farm on Wednesday
and on Thursday I made the mistake of not wearing heels.
I am so thankful for them welcoming me in and being so kind.  They are the best people.  I’m also thankful for the best and moist dressing we had with lunch.

On Friday, before we went to the gun store (my first time, mind you), we saw the kale getting cut.
The greens will grow back and get cut one more time in about a month.

We checked on the ducks at the pond who do not know their poor fate.

The next day it was time for the last home game of the season against Tech.  It was a miserable game, not fun at all, but it was made better by a low country boil thanks to Bev and Sonny after the game.
That’s a wrap on the 2014 season for this trio but not until I drowned my sorrows at the WH.
Alison and I bought our tree in shorts weather
and it is suddenly Christmastime!



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