The Great Pig Smoking of 2014

I really should have taken more pictures at Christmas with the whole family home but what can top this one getting Elmo?!

Even though now we are in the second month of 2015, I had to go back and blog about it because I know you can’t wait to hear all about that time we (Jim) smoked a whole pig. Oh and there are pictures, including ones of a raw pig, lucky you!

You see it all started about six months ago now.  Jim and I had a serious conversation and then afterwards as we were sitting there, I said, “so, what are you thinking about?”  He responded, “I was thinking how I could build a big smoker at the farm.”

Me: “THAT is what you are thinking about?”

Not where my mind had wandered but further affirming that girls and guys are different, very different.

Months later we were down at the farm as he gradually built the smoker.
And then it was time to smoke a pig.  For the record, this is smoking a pig with indirect heat, it is not roasting a pig.  I am well-educated on the difference now.
After a Christmas celebration with the in-laws and the out-laws as Steven called us

and really cute kids

it was time to smoke the pig after cleaning and seasoning it…

The 3 guys got up at 3:30 in the morning to get the wood burning and put the less than 50 pound pig on the smoker (thankfully we did not name this pig)

Friends and family were there for the feast

By the afternoon, the meat was ready

We will call this picture “Many chiefs, few Indians”

Some were more excited about it than others
Some of us had to be encouraged to eat the meat and even if we now know exactly where bacon comes from, we found the meat to be really, really good.

It was tender, juicy, and made an excellent bbq sandwich.  It was the best smoked pig I’ve ever had.

The rain mostly held off and everyone had a great time at the first pig smoking!  We shall now remember Christmas 2014 as the Christmas of the Pig.

This day was so much work and so many people helping.  Dale built the smoke barrel for the wood.  Mr. David and Mrs. Patty picked up the pig on Christmas Eve as Jim was with my family.  David helped gather the supplies- gloves, sauces, purell, so much stuff and talked through all the plans with Jim.  Everyone helped with the food, especially Sally and Mrs. Patty.  Josh got up early and helped with the pig and was also there for a weekend smoker building session.  My parents, Daniel and Mandi, Chris and Mandy, Josh, and AH all made the trip to the farm for the occasion, as well as Jim’s whole family, and I’m so glad everyone was there.  I’m proud of Jim for going after what he wanted and making it happen.  He worked hard on this for months and it turned out so well!

The boys plotted how the next one would be bigger and better before they had even finished the first.  Until then, maybe we can take a break from talking about pigs!



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