the rest of April

Another month, another recap post.  But this one is written because of the request from a dear friend.  I can’t believe anyone other than my mom, Aunt Paula, and Gina read this thing :)

After the best day, that Saturday, the other bridesmaids and I threw Marissa a shower (complete with a mimosa bar)!

Mary-Ashley, aka bridesmaid extraordinaire, lives in Charlotte and couldn’t make it to the shower, so she mailed Marissa (aka Patty) flowers.  Now isn’t that the sweetest?

Marissa’s sister, Alicia, gifted her with the veil they wore for dress-up as little girls.
I just hope she looks this good on Saturday at the wedding!

The next weekend was Easter spent with family and friends who are family.  Bringing flowers to the cross, a marvelous church tradition.

After that was another trip to the Ted.  Thanks corporate America (and Austin’s patriotism) for the good seats!
Then a perfect spring day spent at the Inman Park Festival (along with everyone else in Atlanta) and my favorite part, riding on the Beltline with these lovely ladies!

Not all the days were this great.  There were still marketing papers, bills, Junior League meetings, conference calls, and the every day life occurrences, but it’s a blessing to get to do it all.


I Can’t Go For That

I forgot to blog about crossing another thing off my Atlanta bucket list: I went to a concert at Chastain a month ago!

We saw Hall and Oates!!
Great concert (albeit short, old men need their sleep) and so fun to be able to bring in food!

If you’re in Atlanta, this is a top concert venue!  So glad I finally went!

This past week I did another fun thing- I went to the final series of the College World Series.  Mississippi State and UCLA played, but UCLA went home with the victory.
It made my work trip to Omaha much more exciting!

If you are curious

I know you all wanted to know what I’ve been up to and I was going to post this week, but I was out of town for work and when I got back to the hotel room after 12 hours in meetings, I didn’t really feel like blogging.

Plus, my trackpad is messing up.  I don’t know what happened, but the Genius Bar was not very helpful.

Thus, it is frustrating to do anything other than type on my computer, so here is a collage of pictures so I only have to fight flickr once!

1. Strawberries and cream while watching Wimbledon (I love Federer but I really wanted Murray to win!  Been a fan of his for a while now!)
2. A perfect lake trip
3. Running the Peachtree with Alison (I beat last year’s time by a whole 17 seconds!)
4. Braves game with the whole family in town!

The boys are back in town

Friday was the home opener for the Braves.
After two home runs, they beat the Brewers 10-8!

Even though you can’t tell it by this picture, the Civil Wars played after the game.  Fab, just fab!  The female singer, Joy Williams, smiled the whole time they played, and you could tell they were excited to be there.  Happy people make me happy!
Ready to head back to the Ted for more games this summer!

If you’re going to throw peanuts, be a man

That was the topic of the fight in our section at the Braves game last night.  Yes, peanut throwing.

It was as if Mike Gundy was there.

Kacina and Jason had an extra ticket to go to the game, so they asked me to go!

Kac was born in San Francisco, so she supports the Giants.  House divided.  The only sporting event where she’ll wear orange.  Too bad they looked like an Auburn couple.
The Braves were losing.  If they’re going to lose, I would rather them really be down so I don’t feel bad for talking so much.

We were down by at least four runs and Jason predicted that the Braves would come back in the ninth.  Then, they did!

They scored four runs in the ninth.  Great rally, but it wasn’t enough.  They lost 5-7.

Kacina may have won last night, but hopefully the Braves will win the series.

Braves vs. Rockies

Matt’s job hooks him up with some pretty sweet deals.  This one was great seats at the Braves game.

So we sat in row 20 at the Ted, or as Ted calls it, his field.

What’s a Braves game without Chipper getting hurt…  at least not for long this time.
 There were quite a few home runs and the Braves won 9-1!

We even ran into Daynes at the game!

I finally made it to the 755 club.  Not my favorite view, but I do love A/C when it’s July (or April-October) in Atlanta.

Thanks Ted Matt!