In them old cotton fields back home

It’s cotton picking time down south.  Thanks to a cute farmer who brought me some cotton, I made a cotton wreath last month!

I used  a grapevine wreath and cut the bolls and stuck them right into the wreath
What a beautiful plant
Ta-da!  It was a very easy project, and I hot glued the bolls ones that wouldn’t stay in.
I love love my cotton wreath!


Little Lady’s Bunting

For my sister’s baby shower, I wanted to make her something, but my patience with baby clothes isn’t the best, so I settled on something a little more British, bunting!

I picked out some fabric quarters at Jo Ann’s
Traced the size I wanted out of a cereal box
Sewed each triangle inside out (after ironing).  Only two sides need to be sewn together!
Then sewed together with binding tape!
Perfect way to decorate lots of wall space in a nursery

To the little lady

Dear future niece,

We had a party in your honor last weekend.
You probably won’t remember it,
but you were there, well kind of.

Your grandmother (my mama) worked very hard.
Aunt Laura (you might know her better
as the Big Lady) and I helped too.

The food was tasty and of course all made from scratch.
I even used your great-grandmother’s (my Mimi’s) old sifter
and cookie press for the cheese straws.
One day, I’ll show you how to make those.

Pink was everywhere

Mary brought these adorable (and delicious) petits fours

We had a craft table to make onesies for you, which everyone enjoyed!

They turned out quite adorable

We showered you with gifts 

Darling, you must wear this when we go to London

Avery declared it the best day ever as it was her first party with the ladies.  

Meanwhile, the grandmothers were doing their grandmother thing, sewing.

These, little lady, are people who are
very excited about your arrival.
These are the women we spend most holidays with!

We used to babysit these girls,
and now they’re old enough to
babysit you. We’ve come full circle!

We’re ready for you and can’t to meet you!

Tacky Christmas sweater + Thanksgiving food = Thanksmus

Time for some catch up!

Over a week ago we celebrated Thanksmus!

AH, Alison, and I made sweaters.  We each picked a Christmas carol as our theme and went as Carol 1, Carol 2, and Carol 3.

Carol 1 (AH) was “Deck the Halls,” Carol 2 (moi) was “Angles we have Heard on High,” and Carol 3 (Alison) was “Carol of the Bells.”
I thought we were adorable.

I made the Os in Gloria wrap around my entire sweater.

Happy Thanksmas!

Three Cheers for the Three Day

My two best friends together raised over $4,600 for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day and next weekend they will walk 60 miles all over Atlanta!!  I am incredibly proud of them, and they have been working since at least last spring raising money and training!

In honor of their recent birthdays, Sloan and I made them some pizzazz for them to wear during the walk!

Turns out Michael’s has a whole section with the breast cancer logo!
We made tutus out of tulle and crowns with the breast cancer logo. Bedazzled of course.
Then we modeled the outfits because you don’t just have a tutu and not put it on.
If you see these two beautiful ladies walking the streets of Atlanta with these crazy outfits, cheer them on!!!  They deserve it!!