A Fabric Headboard

I made a fabric headboard a few weeks ago for my new room!  Ok, my parents really, really helped.  

It was an adventure fitting the plywood in my car, but it worked.

I used 5 inch foam from Jo Ann’s.  4 inch foam would have been preferable but by the time I lugged over the 5 inch foam, that was fine with me!
I free handed a cut out of the plywood to give it a nice shape.  Then, after cutting one side with a serrated knife, I flipped over the wood to trace the other side to make sure the sides were even.
After stapling the batting down over the foam, the fabric went on.  I went with a solid and something basic so I can change out my pillows and lampshades later if I want.  You can also add beading or upholstery nails to give a more defined look.
Daddy then drilled two holes into the bottom plywood to secure it to my bed frame.

Total Cost
$50… 3 yards of linen fabric from Forsyth Fabric
$30… Sanded BC Pine 4’x8′ from Home Depot that we had cut down to I can’t remember what dimensions!
$75… 1 2/3 yard of 5 inch foam from Jo Ann’s (be sure to print off a 40% off coupon to buy this!  Otherwise, it would have been $125!)
$8… Batting
Staples & Staple gun

Total: $163 versus Pottery Barn’s $600!

Loving the finished product!


It’s A Good Thing

Saturday morning my friend Hannah (who loves Martha and named her blog after her!) and I went to see Martha Stewart speak at Home Depot.  Now that her show is no longer on air, she is promoting her paint, carpet, Christmas trees and decorations, curtain rods, and I’m sure other projects that she sells at Home Depot.

We were in the first 100 in line, so we received an autograph (which was more like a copy of one), a subscription to her magazine (this is what I wanted), and a $5 Home Depot gift card!
There were some Marthas in Training.  Too cute!
Martha and her #2, Kevin, showed pictures of their houses and discussed their style.  They discussed types of rugs and how far to the wall area rugs vs. regular rugs should go.  One tip: When sitting in a dinner table, when you pull your chair out to get up, all four legs should be on the rug.  Also, all legs of furniture should all be either on or off the rug.

Martha was actually pretty funny.  She would engage with the audience and she would say oh you can definitely do this, to which Kevin replied, “Well of course you think so, you’re Martha Stewart.”

She did have some Marthaisms.  When describing one house of hers, she said, “This is my house.  Guest house.  Well really it’s where I keep my books.  It’s my library house.”

Because we all have a house just for books.  When telling Sloan this story, we discussed how we have a bookcase for books now.  Maybe a library room later in life.  Nope, we’d be find with a wall for books within a room.

Though I’d move in with her if she asked.  I’ve always loved her Bedford house.  Stables and homemade cider.  I’d never leave.

I love these decorations.
I like how the picks on this one are heavily concentrated at the top and trickle down the wreath.  All of her trees are lit for Christmas.

This is her cappuccino maker that President and Secretary of State Clinton came over to use one day.

After discussing her pictures and doing some crafts, which I thought were tacky, she started taking questions, but I had to head out early.  It was a fun morning with the women and gays of Atlanta!


Kacina and Jason came to town to visit Jamie so while the boys played golf, us girls took a little trip to Serenbe, which is southwest of the airport.

What a cute little self-sustaining town!  They even have a general store.  Sadly, the Olesons were out of town.
We went to brunch at the Hil.  All of the food is locally grown.

The food was delicious.  Jamie ordered us cinnamon rolls and carrot bread.  The icing on the cinnamon rolls tasted like pure cream.

I had a frittata with squash, zucchini, potatoes, feta, bacon, and tomatoes.  We also ordered mimosas because we are ladies who brunch.
The meal was delicious.  The cinnamon rolls were my favorite part.

We then were lifted by a crane out of there and walked around the shops.
I thought this was funny
There was a house sponsored by Bosch and Ballards that we toured for free.  It wasn’t my style, but I liked some pieces and got some ideas.

Love the collection of artwork here but don’t love the drapes cut off halfway above the ground.They had the valances through out the house, but I liked it best in the bathroom so you can still get natural light in when you’re putting on make-up.
This mirror is great and I hadn’t though of using it for a bathroom.
This was above the mantle.  I love the little sheep statue on the rock.
The fabric hanging behind the beds was neat but then the window treatment would have to be very basic.

We toured another house down the street that didn’t have any furniture, but I liked the layout much better.
This winding staircase went four flights.
I loved the wrap around porch complete with fans.
The house across the street looked just like the house from Sleepless in Seattle.
We opted not to see the HGTV greenhouse.

If Target was closer, I could live there.  I of course would have to get some of these
It was a great day with my best girls!

How to decorate a mantle for next to nothing

Sometimes being an adult gets in the way of decorating.  Car insurance.  Doctor bills.  Oh and rent.  Thus, this year we decorated for Christmas on a budget.

Luckily, we have some magnolia trees in our yard.  I took my chair and clippers out there one afternoon and gathered the magnolias.  I also used the trimmings from our tree.  I guess you have to buy a tree to get this part, but I’m sure the lovely people at Pike’s would let you take the extra.

We mixed in Sloan’s garland, pinecones and holly from the yard, and some ornaments.  I guess you can say we went green.

Total cost: free!

You can read about the rest of our decorating in Sloan’s post.  I just love our house at Christmas!

It was my mom’s in the 80s… Vintage, so adorable

Annie, Abbie, and I headed down to where the Scott’s Antique Market this past weekend.  I had never been, but luckily I was in the hands of pros.

The outdoor area is for people who are all about good deals.  I guess the inside is for good deals too, but unlike me, those shoppers have large pockets.

There was some garage sale type stuff, but most of it was pretty neat, especially if you are creative.  Like Abbie for instance, she and Annie found crystals from old chandeliers and will make them into ornaments.

Annie found a stool that she put lace (I love lace!) over and is now using as a bedside table and Abbie found a sewing table.
The sewing table has a ruler in it!
Annie also found some pretty handkerchiefs, which she will sew together.

I, on the other hand, bought a wheel that was used as a goat cart.  Why do I need this?  No idea.  Though I’m sure it could be something sold at Restoration Hardware for much more.

The woman bought it in Germany in the 80s.  I was sold once she said Germany, don’t worry though, I talked her down on price.

I can see me Heidi now pulling goats up the mountain to go see her grandfather.

Almost as good as sitting on the porch at Cracker Barrel

Last winter I found this rocking chair at Goodwill and couldn’t pass it up.

The white paint was scratched off, so I decided to paint it grey.

Then I waited seven months.

My brother-in-law let me borrow his sander.
Sweet glasses, safety first.

I sanded it down, which was the least glamorous part.  Then, I used this paint which had primer already in it.

After two coats, ta-da!
 I like the color choice.  It goes with most things, and I didn’t want to commit to a bold color as I never know when I’m going to change the style of my room and have to re-paint.

Now, I’m going to curl up with my kindle and rock.