A1A Beachfront Avenue

We went down recently to visit Amanda, Seba, and CJ for the weekend.  It was a great time and so nice to see them!

Little miss has really grown and is quite active but still very serious.  She makes you work for a laugh, but as her favorite aunt, I’m happy to oblige!
After seeing the movie Chef, I’ve been thinking a lot about a Cuban sandwich, so we went to a Cuban restaurant for dinner Friday night.  Unfortunately, the Cuban sandwich wasn’t my favorite, but it was a good dinner, even if I gave lots of blank stares when the waitress kept speaking to me in Spanish.

Saturday morning the boys played golf while the girls hung around the house, skyped with Mama and Daddy, and maybe even colored Elmo in our coloring books.  We met the guys for lunch next to the marina where we all proceeded to order the same fish sandwich and walk around the area afterwards.
We watched the Georgia game (thank goodness another win) and went to bed early because I won’t name names, but someone likes to wake up by crying well before the sun is up.

On Sunday, I wanted to go to Miami Beach since I had never been.
I was surprised that it was actually really nice, not as flashy as I would have thought.  The odd part to it was the people.  They dress differently/lack lots of clothing; it is definitely not the south.  If you like to roller blade, you’ll fit right in.
Mostly, it was pretty.  The art deco isn’t my style, but it is cool.

If you ignore the speedos, the beach is really nice too.
It was so, so good to spend a weekend with family in a land where it is always summer.  Thanks for having us!


the rest of April

Another month, another recap post.  But this one is written because of the request from a dear friend.  I can’t believe anyone other than my mom, Aunt Paula, and Gina read this thing :)

After the best day, that Saturday, the other bridesmaids and I threw Marissa a shower (complete with a mimosa bar)!

Mary-Ashley, aka bridesmaid extraordinaire, lives in Charlotte and couldn’t make it to the shower, so she mailed Marissa (aka Patty) flowers.  Now isn’t that the sweetest?

Marissa’s sister, Alicia, gifted her with the veil they wore for dress-up as little girls.
I just hope she looks this good on Saturday at the wedding!

The next weekend was Easter spent with family and friends who are family.  Bringing flowers to the cross, a marvelous church tradition.

After that was another trip to the Ted.  Thanks corporate America (and Austin’s patriotism) for the good seats!
Then a perfect spring day spent at the Inman Park Festival (along with everyone else in Atlanta) and my favorite part, riding on the Beltline with these lovely ladies!

Not all the days were this great.  There were still marketing papers, bills, Junior League meetings, conference calls, and the every day life occurrences, but it’s a blessing to get to do it all.

Party of 8 +1

Once upon a time there was a family of six

They were very happy,
especially after the addition of the last two, the twins

Then, this family of six became a family of 7 and then 8 last May!

And now, the former soccer star

slash doctor turned attorney
slash Big Lady who likes to give orders

slash great sister
is engaged and bringing someone new into the family!

Welcome to the family Chris!
(and not to be confused with Uncle Chris on Mama’s side or Aunt Chris on Daddy’s side)
I guess Chris is turning out to be a family name!

Jay and Emmy 1.18.14

Kerrville, TX: Home of Johnny Football and the site for my cousin’s wedding last weekend.

I flew into San Antonio and of course made a stop with Mama and Daddy at Luby’s, the Ritz of cafeterias.  This restaurant was a staple of my childhood.  If you’ve seen King of the Hill, Hank’s niece, Luanne Platter is named after Luby’s  dish, the Lu Ann.  Best served with chicken fried steak.

We made our way to Kerville and helped get ready for the rehearsal dinner that night, which was a great time for the two families to meet.

My family in town that night with the bride and groom minus Aunt Karen who is always behind the camera!
The siblings.  This one is tough because we are so happy to have them all together, but we really missed our Aunt Cathy this weekend.  We know she was watching down telling Emmy, “oh darling, you are a beautiful bride!”

The party featured really good Tex-Mex with a grill station outside!

This wreath hung on the door of the couple’s new house- two lovebirds, isn’t that precious?!

On Saturday, a few of us went to Fredericksburg for the day and ate and shopped!  Pretty Texas limestone
And found a five and ten store, which made the old older people happy!  (ok, me too)
The Texas hill country- full of armadillos, rattlesnakes, cactus, and rolling hills.  It really is pretty.

That afternoon I got my nails done with the ladies and guys who hopefully tipped them very well.  Uncle Chris will not install a massage chair in his tv room.

Then it was time for the wedding, which was beautiful!  And so sweet!  And Emily looked gorgeous!!  Aunt Paula too!  What a happy occasion!

I was sad for Emmy that her dad was in the hospital and couldn’t make it, but thanks to it being 2014 where he was able to watch through Facetime!

We partied it up at the reception!  And we ate really, really good food!  My cousin is a chef and has good taste- quail pizza, butternut squash soup, duck confit, a whole pig, sliders, and more.
Uncle Bruce and I kept the dance floor going along with this jokester.
We loved on sweet baby Jack
and had good cousin time!
On Sunday, we had brunch at Jay’s family ranch overlooking the Guadalupe River.
A sight for sore eyes.  How beautiful!  I love the Texas hill country!

It was a lovely way to wrap up a great weekend with family I love so much!  We are excited to welcome Jay into our family!

Texas, we’ll come back now, ya hear!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope your day is filled with food, family, and a Dallas Cowboys’ win!

I didn’t do my usual list of 50 as I did back in 2012 and 2011, but today (and hopefully everyday) I am thankful for so much but maybe most for my family who helped me move in the cold rain earlier this week.

As our pastor told us in church last weekend, let us remember that all that we have comes from the Lord.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite pictures of my Mimi circa the 90s.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Apple of My Eye

A few weeks ago, my niece and sister came for a visit and the highlight of their trip was the family driving up to Blue Ridge in the north Georgia mountains.
How cute is that face?!

We had a great lunch and played dress up with our doll, though in my opinion, nothing beats a bow on a Southern baby girl.
I think she looks like Max from Grumpy Old Men here.  But cuter.
We went to Mercier Orchards for the afternoon.  It’s becoming a fall tradition.
We bought all apple things- apple butter, apples, apple pies and tried the hard apple cider.  The little lady tried to get some herself.  She knew what she was missing.

But as with all things with a baby, it’s all about the pictures.

With the grandparents
With her favorite aunt and mama

Other than getting to take some of these home with us (Fried apple pie=Heaven)
the best part was spending time with this baby girl and her mom

Champagne Punch + Baby Watching

Back to Labor Day, my parents hosted a Sip n See for Baby CJ over Labor Day while the whole family was in town.  Lots of our neighbors and family friends came to see the sweet girl!

Miss A holding Miss C

It was a little too much for the baby.

We spent the rest of the weekend playing with the baby!
Such a sweet baby!  I love her!