What I’m loving right now: Fall 2013

1. These booties

2. This list of 100 places to eat at right now in the South by Southern Living.  So many in Atlanta to try!

3. I recently discovered that I have a dairy allergy.  No milk, no sour cream, no cream cheese, no cheddar cheese, no mozzarella cheese, none of it.  Well, at least not much.  It’s pretty horrible.

Luckily, Kacina introduced me to dairy free ice cream, and I am forever grateful.  It lacks the creamy taste (obviously) of ice cream and kind of tastes like cold chocolate, but it gets the job done.  Available at Target and Kroger.

4. This post by Whitney of Sometimes Always Never.  I can’t stop thinking about her words here:

When we let people see everything we call a flaw is really when we are letting them see our vulnerabilities. It’s when they see us as a person, not an act. It’s when we make room for them to give us grace.
5. That we beat Tennessee this past weekend!  It was close, in fact too close going into overtime.  Plus, we had so many players get injured, but it sure was fun watching Chris Conley’s one handed catch and Murray’s run.  Go Dawgs.
6. The fact that it is in the 70s all this week and sunny!  Fall, I welcome you with open arms and a light jacket.
Happy Tuesday, y’all!

I love seeing Spurrier upset

We beat South Carolina last Saturday!!!!!!


and I didn’t take many pictures.  In fact, zero of tailgating.

James had class, so Sean (a South Carolina grad, mind you) joined me for the game.

We spent all day tailgating and Sanford Stadium was incredible!  It was such a beautiful day and the atmosphere was incredible.
There’s a new elderly couple next to me and we high fived and hugged about 15 times.  It was such a great game!

Gurley’s running, Crowley’s failures, the fabulous onside kick, Evil Richt, it was a great team effort!

And we won, which made sitting next to someone screaming, “Go Camecoks” not so bad!

Hats off to Hats

I was a little premature thinking America was ready right after the Royal Wedding.

But maybe we’re ready now.

Hats are crossing the pond, my friends!

Maybe not as fun as Philip Treacy, but I walked into Charming Charlie’s the other day and was so excited to see that they were everywhere.

I fancied this one!
 They were all about $50 so I didn’t come home with one (yet) but a good price for the Derby or Ascot or a wedding.
And they had some fascinators!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a pillbox hat.I only wish I had known before the Lady’s nuptials.

You may say I’m gluttonous. Well, hopefully I’m not the only one

Do I need anything for Christmas?

No, definitely not.

But if you feel so inclined.


Earrings • Running Shirt • Laptop Case • Rain Jacket • Powder Brush

Cooling Rack • Throw Blanket • Giant • French Rolling Pin • Power Saver • Boxwood Wreath • Tea Ball

For the dreams I have of living in Downton Abbey or becoming the Duchess of Cambridge

LK Bennett (no longer in stock) • Celebrate by Pippa Middleton (Brit edition) • Barbour Rain Jacket • Aquatalia Rhumba suede waterproof boots • Dressing the Queen by Angela Kelly • Philip Treacy hat • Le Chameau Wellies • Mulberry Bag • Fieldcoat
Jimmy Choos • Gilbert Blythe or Colin Firth or Hugh Grant or all three • DeBeers Diamond Studs • A puppy

However, before you start your Christmas shopping, register your card through Pure Charity.  You can choose what charities your card supports.  Some companies, like Target, already donate 1.5% of your purchase so now you can have a say in where that money goes.

It’s legit.  Read about it all here and sign up here.

Happy shopping!

Feel free to buy something for me while you’re at it!

I’m no Imelda Marcos

But I do love shoes.

I’ve been looking for riding boots for a few years now but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

Mainly because they’re expensive and my calves are big.  Except when discussing this issue with my friends and my big sister, it seems that there are many of us who can’t fit into regular boots.  Who are you people with skinny calves?  I envy your ease of shopping for boots.

The other problem with riding boots is that of course you want genuine leather but it’s expensive but probably worth it in the end.

Piperlime doesn’t have that many to choose from but they are cute.

Frye never stops delivering gorgeous boots
These are available at Nordstrom though of course only online.  The reviews do say that the ankle is wide like the calf so the ankle bunches up when walking.  At Nordstrom, the lady said they have a stretch machine that could stretch the calf out for me!

Target has these at only $75, but they aren’t wide calf though they do say they are genuine leather

J. Crew has these
and these
The first ones keep going on sale, so that might the winner though I like the second ones better.

Then, there’s the choice of brown vs. black.

The Red Carpet

Sloan beat me to posting about the red carpet, but I’ll still give my two cents because you know, I deserve to judge these people as I sit on the couch in sweats.

Jessica Chastain was my favorite.  I mean, it is McQueen.  Their detail is amazing and the coloring is perfect on her.
I also loved Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton.
Tina Fey also rocked the peplum.  I loved her hair.
Rooney Mara’s dress was perfect for her.   
Everyone loved Natalie Portman’s Dior outfit, but I wasn’t crazy about the polka dots.  The cut was elegant, and it is super impressive that the dress is from 1954.
Meryl.  She really is the best.  Plus, she got a kiss from Colin Firth at the end of the night.
Emma Stone.  Love her.  Though it does look just like what Nicole Kidman wore in 2007.  Both so pretty!
Cameron Diaz.  Liked the bottom of the dress but she could have used more bling.
Sandra.  Glam.
Stacy Keibler.  I loved her hair on the side.  Maj.
Maya Rudolph also did the side hair and looked fab.
I was happy to see Octavia Spencer win!

I was not a fan of Gwyneth.  Tom Ford is great but the cape was too much.  She just wants to be different.
Viola Davis.  Love the color but it was a lot of top exposed for me.  I need to do her arm workouts.  She looks great.
The one I hated the most was of course JLo.  Gross.
And then there was Angelina’s leg, which already has its own twitter account.
I loved the guys who accepted their award from her.  

I didn’t think I would post that much, but I love gowns.  The only thing better would be having an excuse to wear a gown with a tiara.  Oh to be royal.

The couple of the night
That’s a wrap!

Can I get a… Wu Wu… Bounce with me..

I didn’t brave Target for the Missoni craze mainly because I didn’t know about it in advance, and even if I had, multi-colored stripes can only be worn so many times.

Since I was up early on Sunday, I decided to go to Target for the Jason Wu collection.  I first heard about Jason Wu when he designed Michelle Obama’s inauguration gown.
I got there 15 minutes before it opened and to my surprise, only had 10 people ahead of me in line.  Everyone was nice too, so I knew I wouldn’t get trampled on!

I ran quickly walked to this lace clutch and got the last one.  Oh, how I love lace!  I really think they only had about three of each accessory and each size in the clothes.
I browsed the clothes and by the time I got there two minutes later, stuff was already picked through.

I grabbed a bunch of dresses because you just never know, but the sizes were running big.  Maybe better for girls with how should I say it, have more up top.  The collection was simple with mostly A-lines, very wearable to work.  I ended up with these two pieces
It was the most times I’ve ever heard “oh yeah, with a belt” in a dressing room.