more weekends in Athens

Georgia has a weird and fairly annoying schedule where we are either home for all of September and then away for all of October (like this year) or the reverse.  After heading to Athens for Troy, we’ve been back the past two weekends as well.

The Tennessee game was a nail biter but we won 35-32.  As Jim says, they sure don’t make it easy.  It was frustrating, but I’ll take the win.
and Gurley jumped over another player!
gurley Jim and I managed to get a picture where we are both smiling and my eyes are even open.

Friends and friends of friends joined us for Vanderbilt.  It was homecoming in the Classic City.
It was so cold on Saturday, the wind was super strong.  Don’t let that guy wearing shorts make you think he wasn’t freezing.  It was nice fall football weather but really cold.

This game was a much easier win, 44-17 and it was great showing everyone the tailgate and Athens, the best college town that ever was.  We all had a great time!!  (y’all come back now!)

I stayed with Jason and Kacina Saturday night because on Sunday we celebrated Kac and the new baby on the way!  It was great to spend time with them before they are sleepless parents.  I treasure these girls.

Some of the few other blondes in a room full of Greek women who also wrote the sweetest post to the baby
We can’t wait to meet their sweet baby girl!

I wrote this earlier and just now when I’m about to post this, they announced that Gurley is suspended indefinitely.  They really don’t make it easy on us.

I will have to get my joy from football in watching SEC Wives (I’ve only seen 5 minutes and I love it!) if things keep getting worse.


And the thunder rolls

Classes started back up again this week, and after a day of work and class, my candle is burning down now, but here goes a weekend update without any of the comedy of Tina Fey.

By the luck of the Ticketmaster draw, we had really good seats when Garth resurged his tour and came to Atlanta last Friday night!  I was pretty jealous when Sloan and Ryan went to Nashville to see him a few years ago (for their third or so date!), and I thought all hope of him in concert was lost, but that was not the case!

Austin & Julia and Tara & Sean went with us (this photo has no hope to fix the lighting) to the first concert of the Atlanta tour
Garth put on a show.  It was AMAZING and he is certainly a performer.  I don’t think I’ve seen anymore with more energy than him running around the entire stage.

My favorite was when he said that he, like us, pays to go to other artist’s concerts, and when the artist plays stuff from their new album, he wishes they would stick to their old stuff.  So the old stuff is what he played!  It’s what I grew up on.  We sang along to every song.

and then Trisha came out onto the stage and when she sang “American Girl,” I couldn’t stop smiling.  (and they showed clips from her cooking show, which I of course dvr)
Kelly Clarkson came out too because she had a new single out that day with Trisha.  Plus, it was Trisha’s 50th birthday so they had a cake in the shape of Georgia since she is after all from Monticello (pronounced not like Thomas Jefferson’s house but Mont-a-cell-o).

Seeing them together was perfect.  We had the best time!  All of their songs are classics, I was so happy!  People keep saying it’s the best concert they’ve been to, and I don’t know that that’s the case, but it is up there.

and then on Saturday we ventured to Athens for Georgia to play a really, really bad team as we beat them 66-0.
And came back to Atlanta to grab dinner and celebrate Austin’s birthday.  It was a great weekend and a nice start to fall!


The best time of the year

After last year, I was more than anxious about this Clemson game.  Sloan and I discussed our outfits (even though I don’t appreciate people telling me what color to wear (are you listening Coach Richt), don’t they know red is hard to find in stores and colors don’t make you win a game, I digress)

so Labor Day weekend we honored the red out
as well as Mario back there.

and usually wears white Jimbo
and Josh
and it must have worked because we won!

I’m guessing it probably really had to do with the fact that our running backs are the best in the land and our new DC Pruitt led our boys to only giving up one first down in the second half.

It was a HOT and HUMID day with some scattered showers and I don’t remember the last time I’ve wiped so much sweat off, but it was worth it to be back with my people
and sit with my girl
celebrating a win!
and it doesn’t hurt that I live with a Clemson grad.  Victory feels good!

I just really hope we can do it again this Saturday in Columbia…. Go Dawgs!

The Wildcats came to Town

Somehow our season is already coming to an end.  We had our last home game against Kentucky last weekend and unfortunately our only night game of the year.  Even though we won 59-17, we lost our star.  Murray tore his ACL.

It was a cold, cold game but I had a good time sitting with my girl
and these super fans who truly are the epitome of the Bulldog nation.  Next to them and their fake smiles, I’m just a mediocre fan.
Our last Saturday in Athens and a great night between the hedges for the last time in 2013.  Now we’ll see what Hutson Mason can do in Atlanta this weekend.

Happy hate week y’all!  And to hell with Georgia Tech!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope your day is filled with food, family, and a Dallas Cowboys’ win!

I didn’t do my usual list of 50 as I did back in 2012 and 2011, but today (and hopefully everyday) I am thankful for so much but maybe most for my family who helped me move in the cold rain earlier this week.

As our pastor told us in church last weekend, let us remember that all that we have comes from the Lord.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite pictures of my Mimi circa the 90s.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Homecoming against App State

Saturday, we played Appalachian State.  I only heard people bring up them beating Michigan about 37 times.  You never know what to expect with our Dawgs, but luckily we were victorious, 45-6!

I had a great time with these two

and these people too!It was another early game, but it was gorgeous!
But really, the best and worst view was a few rows ahead of me.
Yes, my friends, that is a mullet.  In 2013.  With a denim shirt.

Is it a man or a woman?  I’m not really sure.  Is it a Dawgs fan? Unsure but highly doubtful.  Just a fan of keeping the 80s alive.

When I was on a bike tour in Munich, our guide told us to yell out “Mullet” each time we saw one because the Germans had no idea what it meant.  We happily obliged, and it took everything in me to not yell it out at the game.

But it kept me upbeat after another targeting call.

Congratulations to Murray on setting the career SEC passing TD record!

Go Dawgs, beat Auburn.