Cooking from the Farm

Last weekend, Jim’s mom sent us back from the farm with a good amount of food!

I decided to use the corn and squash to try something new.  I made creamed corn and delicious squash pepper slices, let’s call them squash boats that she made us for supper as she came up with the recipe on her own!

For the creamed corn, I roughly used this recipe.  I’m a fan of creamed corn, but I usually buy the frozen McKenzie creamed corn because it’s ready in a few minutes and it really is amazing.

I fried up a couple pieces of bacon and left the grease from the bacon in the pan.  (and ate the bacon, of course) Then, I milked the corn.
I looked up some videos on YouTube on how to milk the corn.  I cut the corn about halfway then flipped the knife around and scraped the back.  Jim’s technique was  to slit the corn before cutting.  We each thought our way yielded more cream.
I added the corn with the other ingredients- salt, pepper (not much since you can add those later), flour, sugar, heavy cream, and water to the bacon grease.

It cooked down for a while and turned out like this.
Then, you add the butter.  The creamed corn was excellent.  A little bit of a hassle having to cream all the corn, but a nice treat, especially with fresh corn.  Something my Mimi probably made often.

For the squash, it’s best to use squash that is on the smaller side.  Cut off the ends, cut them in half, and scoop out the seed parts.
Slice up a red pepper and a sweet onion to put in the squash.  Add salt and pepper.
Top with a slice of raw bacon because of course.  Cook in the oven (I think I did 375 for 15 minutes at least and then broiled the bacon at the end).

Sprinkle cheese on top once squash/bacon is ready and take it out once melted.
Y’all these were so good.  They didn’t even taste like squash.  Thanks to Jim’s mom for letting me steal her recipe,  I’ll be making this again!

This is my kind of summer meal.  So tasty.  Paired with baked ranch chicken, I was one full and happy girl.
 Thank goodness for leftovers.


Veggie Garden

I’m sick of the recap posts myself, so I can’t imagine how the rest of you are feeling.

Back at the end of March, maybe early April, I planted some vegetables, fruit, and herbs.

Here they are in their glory now.
Far left pot: Two tomato plants, one is bigger sandwich type tomatoes and the other is growing grape (or maybe cherry) tomatoes

However, I had to adjust the metal tomato cage (because I may have put it in there upside down, we can pretend I didn’t do that), and I had a casualty of a branch of my tomatoes.  I stuck the branch in some water, and it immediately started producing roots.  I can’t decide if I should plant the branch back in the soil or keep it in the water.  There are 5 tomatoes growing off this branch.
The rest of the plant is producing and tastes great in my salads
Middle pot: My green peppers are starting to bud!  The strawberries in this pot were a bust.  Each strawberry grew in half eatable, half rotten.
(and I know what you’re thinking, no, I didn’t hire a professional photographer for these pictures)

My herbs are in the pot on the right- basil, cilantro, and rosemary, all regulars in my cooking. Besides one less thing to have to buy at the grocery, these taste so fresh and good.

And then there’s my Boston fern next to the front door.  Along with a statue of UGA of course (my Clemson roommate just loves it!).  I’m a big fan of ferns.
One day it’ll be nice to plant in something other than pots, but for now, my little porch suits me just fine.

Tacky Christmas sweater + Thanksgiving food = Thanksmus

Time for some catch up!

Over a week ago we celebrated Thanksmus!

AH, Alison, and I made sweaters.  We each picked a Christmas carol as our theme and went as Carol 1, Carol 2, and Carol 3.

Carol 1 (AH) was “Deck the Halls,” Carol 2 (moi) was “Angles we have Heard on High,” and Carol 3 (Alison) was “Carol of the Bells.”
I thought we were adorable.

I made the Os in Gloria wrap around my entire sweater.

Happy Thanksmas!

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

As of last week, I had never heard of rhubarb.  I saw rhubarb pie on Pinterest but still didn’t know what it was.

Then, for Whitney’s birthday, she wanted to make strawberry rhubarb pie with the roommates.

We used America’s Test Kitchen recipe.
This is rhubarb.  Turns out, it is a vegetable that is in season right now.
When you peel it, it shoots out out everywhere.

Annie cut the cutest strawberry.
It was a sweet and sour mix and it was very, very good.  I was surprised by how good it was.  It turned out a little runny, so it was more like cobbler.  I’d definitely make this again!

Happy Birthday Whitney!

Vegging Out

I went to Pike’s this weekend to start growing some herbs and vegetables for the summer.  I later went to Lowe’s because Pike’s didn’t have cilantro, and turns out Lowe’s is half off all herbs and vegetables right now.  So go to Lowe’s (or Home Depot), but at least Pike’s vegetables are certified organic so I guess I have that going for me, which is nice.

I came home with
Green peppers

They are now in pots in the backyard hopefully getting lots of sunlight
This will be great for cooking, and eating a wonderful tomato basil sandwich in a few months.

For now, I can enjoy the mint in my tea on a spring afternoon!

Cake Pops

I’m not really a cake person.  I’d rather have ice cream or better yet pie or brownies, but at Katie’s baby shower a few weeks ago, I had a cake pop and I was surprised.  They were delicious.  Almost like brownies with fudge.

I first heard about cake pops from Bakerella and they looked hard to make because she makes them into all different holiday designs and animals, but I kept it simple and they were pretty easy, just a little time consuming.

I used this recipe from the world wide web.

It felt weird breaking up a perfectly good cake but you mix the cake with frosting into little balls.

and it was messy  They go in the fridge overnight
 and then you dip lollipop sticks into candy melts and let that sit
 Then the hard part is dipping the whole thing into a candy melt and hoping that it stays on the lollipop stick.  I had a few failures.  My lovely assistant Whitney helped pour the sprinkles on the cake pops.
Ta da!