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A few weeks ago, us Sigma Kappa girls (and Sloan!) headed to the Ted.  The rain stopped, and we had a ball catching up.  It’s not often we all get to be together, so we enjoyed spending quality time together.
Last week was Emily’s birthday, and we were out celebrating at a local watering hole and took this picture of the girls and Josh.  After it was posted on instagram that night, I felt so happy.  I really am incredibly blessed with fabulous friends whether friends from college or Atlanta friends or both, I am one lucky girl.  (except for the one girl in the picture I don’t know, but she’s a friend of Emily’s so now she is a friend of mine!)

Last Saturday morning, Jim and I ran a 5k.  Even though we “trained,” he nearly pulled me up the hill, as I was struggling.  He may have had a better race time running without me, but my money wouldn’t bet on it :)  It was a well attended race and only a mile from my house so we could walk to the start line.    I neglected to snap any pictures, but you can imagine that I was rivaling Mrs. Frizzle in the hair department afterwards.

Saturday night was dinner with some friends followed by a comedy show at Whole World Improv Theatre.

I had never been to a comedy show, so Josh and I rounded our friends up for a fun night.  When the show started, about 75% of the audience raised their hands that they had been to this place before and were back again.  It was like Whose Line is it Anyway, and the host even acted like Drew Carey.  The audience threw out suggestions, but there wasn’t a Ryan or Colin or Ryan’s shoes.  We all loved this place.  It was mostly family friendly, which crude humor is funny yes, but these guys had to be creative, and they did an excellent job.  Jeff may have cried he was laughing so hard.  I’d highly recommend this place in midtown.

Then, Sunday was the low country boil fundraiser with church.  We had a great turnout despite the rain, and moved the location from a park to our house, so it was as if Alison and I hosted a party with all of our friends that the church paid for.  All raising money for the Ronald McDonald house.  It was great!

Jim and Josh did an excellent job cooking
May Supper Club was my pick, so we headed to Taqueria del Sol and Jeni’s ice cream this week, which has only been in Atlanta for a few months.
The tacos never disappoint.  Plus, they have the best margaritas in town.

I was excited to try Jeni’s after Meghan nearly crying with excitement when it opened.  I ordered one scoop of the milkiest chocolate in the world and Roxbury Road.  Roxbury Road was amazing.
We were fortunate to go at a time when there wasn’t a long line.  They have lots of unique flavors like wildberry lavender and Bangkok peanut, so it’s definitely worth a try!  We girls had a great night.

That’s all for now.  Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!


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It’s What’s For Dinner: Verde Taqueria

Restaurant club picked back up and went to Verde in Brookhaven for July.
It was our first time there, which is odd because it is a common hangout place among the young people of Atlanta, but I went again last night and am going later next week, so yes, I’m a fan.

We ordered chips and salsa along with margaritas.  The salsa was spicy (my tolerance is low), the chips were a little stale tasting, but the margaritas were strong and delicious as all good margaritas are.

For tacos, I had the grilled fish and fajita steak.  Sloan ordered the veggie and grilled fish.  My fish was excellent, and the steak was ok.  Last night I had the grilled chicken and it was good but spicy.
The tacos come about 70 seconds after you order them.

It was a good meal and if you don’t get a drink, you can spend less than $10, tip included.  Not the best chips/salsa, but the tacos make up for it!


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It’s What’s For Dinner: Ria’s Bluebird

With my second restaurant club (I need a name for this one!), we headed to Ria’s Bluebird for Sunday brunch.
It’s right across from Oakland Cemetery in the Old Fourth Ward.I opted for the Early Bird Special, and AH and I had to try the buttermilk pancakes since they NY Times claims they are “the world’s best pancakes.”
The eggs I’m pretty sure were cooked in bacon grease (yum!) and the biscuit was delicious.  The pancakes, well I’m pretty sure my Uncle Chris’ pancakes are the best in the world, and these, while tasty, were not in my top 5.

This diner was good diner food.  I’d go again but it wasn’t my favorite.

It’s What’s for Dinner: Sun In My Belly

Sloan and I put a pause on our restaurant club for a few months because she is busy getting ready for the wedding!!!

But I’m actually in another restaurant club with a group of girls that I haven’t yet featured on the blog!

For April, my church girls’ restaurant club went to Sun in my Belly in East Lake.  They’re known for their brunch, but we went for dinner.

“This place is like eating in Anthropologie.” -Kathleen

We all devoured loved our food.  I ordered the grilled meatloaf with warm grape tomato jam with garlic green beans and parmesan mashed potatoes.  All of it was amazing!  The meatloaf was tasty and the jam gave it a little spice.  The green beans were delicious, and the mashed potatoes were some of the best I’ve had.
All the girls loved their food too!  We shared our bites with each other, so you know it was good.  All the food has so much flavor!

Bonus: the prices were so reasonable!  The entrées were about $15!  You can’t find many restaurants in Atlanta that are that good and that cheap!

I loved going on a Thursday because they didn’t force us out of our table.  We just sat talking and talking and discussing our wonderful dinner.

I’d highly recommend Sun in my Belly for a date night or any night!

It’s What’s for Dinner: Farm Burger

February’s restaurant club pick was Farm Burger and this was the inaugural visit for  us, including our special guest.
I opted for a burger with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and the special FB sauce.
Notice how it was actually cooked to medium and the FB sauce looks like In-n-out sauce.
Grass fed beef, I have to say, I’m a fan.  Very, very good burger and good fries too!

Thankful for time with these two (even though we weren’t in London)
Farm Burger, we’ll be back!

It’s What’s for Dinner: Eclipse di Luna

After last month’s lavish dinner, restaurant club picked a Scoutmob and went to Eclipse di Luna.

I had been there a few times, but this was Sloan’s first visit.

While we waited for our table, we each slurped down a sangria!
Since it’s a tapas restaurant, we ordered multiple plates- fried green beans, spiced potatoes, carne asada, vegetable empanada, and salmon empanada. Don’t worry, we didn’t finish all of it.
It was all very, very good!  I’d recommend all of our selections, especially the potatoes and green beans.  The food has a Spanish twist and has some good spices in it!  I’d recommend getting a reservation too as it was busy for a Tuesday night!

Perfect girls’ night!

Beef: It’s what’s for dinner

We skipped restaurant club for November because we were poor at planning, so we took December’s restaurant choice up a notch.

We went to Hal’s, which claims to have the best steak in Atlanta.  It’s like a scene from Mad Men as the place is filled with scotch and cigars.
hals_frontThe steaks are expensive (about $40), but the smallest filet was 12 oz, so they let us split it, which let us order more sides and a glass of wine!

Oh, heavens.  It was the best filet I’ve ever had.  Tender and cooked perfectly.

Plus, the sides were great.  I loved the caramelized onions with the potatoes, and Sloan thought the creamed spinach was “where it’s at.”

We had a great time together.  Lots of talking and eating really good food.

If I was rich, I’d eat here once a month.  I haven’t been to many steakhouses in Atlanta, but this one surely has to be at the top.