I’m Royally Obsessed

I witnessed (through the nice folks at CNN) a piece of history today.  Happy history.
I’m in love with this family and feel bad that this is their son’s first time in the sunlight (though not bad enough to not watch)

She’s beaming. (my girl looking perfect, as always)
He’s a proud father.
The little prince is waving.
They’re just the cutest family.
To top it off, Wills carries the car seat like a normal dad
and nervously buckles the babe in safely, just like a first time dad
and drives his new family away, just like a regular dad (if you ignore the facts that they’re in a Range Rover and have a protection officer with them)
New backup/dream job: royal reporter

Seeing the baby boy with them makes me so happy!!!!!  What a precious family!!!  Team Cambridge shows that they truly are a team sharing the baby, both speaking to the press.  They’re the modern royals doing a fantastic job.

I’m off to London to visit the prince.  Not really.  But I should be.

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His Royal Highness Prince [name] of Cambridge

I’ve been ready for this day!
1069937_658220384207247_1821547612_nMy sweet co-worker got me this card for the upcoming event.
Then last night, I couldn’t sleep.

My best friend (she doesn’t know it yet) went into labor.  Luckily, the two photographers who saw her enter the hospital at 5:30 this morning respected her privacy and didn’t take any pictures of her or William.

The internet was fun during the day
Screen shot 2013-07-22 at 10.25.11 PMMy girl Aspring Kennedy was all over the action outside the hospital.

Then came the announcement over email
and then the posting at Buckingham Palace!
Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a son at 4:2 pm today.

Her Royal highness and her child are both doing well.

Delivered of a son?  Oh, 1650, I’m glad you’re back.  Kate had a baby boy!

Yes, I thought it was a boy but kind of hoped for a girl.  They just changed the succession rules, so it was time to put them into action.  Plus, after the the diamond jubilee year for the Queen, I thought it would be a nice touch to use the name Elizabeth, but I’m happy they’re doing well.  This way, my niece can will marry the prince!  Hip, hip, hooray!

The Sun has has a great cover for tomorrow:

and William’s simple statement put tears in my eyes, “We couldn’t be happier.”

The Life of a Chipmunk

Sometimes it takes something silly like getting your wisdom teeth out
to make you realize how thoughtful the people are in your life.

Whether it’s a friend coming to visit and bringing a new book
or a text making sure I’m ok
or flowers to brighten my day (notice the rhyme?!)
to my mom sending me back to work with ice cream (and Blue Bell at that) (after both my parents took care of me all weekend)
and a co-worker getting me a solar corgi to match my waving queen!  (He shakes his head as she waves.  It hurts to laugh but it is really hard not to!)
I am blessed to have such thoughtful and loving people in my life.  Thank you friends and family.  I hope to be as kind to you as you are to me.

Put me on a ship

Congratulations to the Queen for celebrating the
60th anniversary of her coronation yesterday!
You see technically she became queen when her father passed,
but she waited a year and a half until her coronation.

How do I know all this?
Well, I just finished reading the Queen’s biography,
Elizabeth the Queen by Sally Bedell Smith.
Obsessed?  Why yes I am.

(I also have a deeper respect for Prince Philip.)

It just reminds me of how happy I was to
experience this trip last year with my mother.

I still get giddy thinking how fun this was
and how exciting it was to be part of history!
Congratulations to Her Majesty!
And if you’re in need of more royal-ness,
a Swedish princess is marrying an American this weekend!

Hats off to Hats

I was a little premature thinking America was ready right after the Royal Wedding.

But maybe we’re ready now.

Hats are crossing the pond, my friends!

Maybe not as fun as Philip Treacy, but I walked into Charming Charlie’s the other day and was so excited to see that they were everywhere.

I fancied this one!
 They were all about $50 so I didn’t come home with one (yet) but a good price for the Derby or Ascot or a wedding.
And they had some fascinators!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a pillbox hat.I only wish I had known before the Lady’s nuptials.

You may say I’m gluttonous. Well, hopefully I’m not the only one

Do I need anything for Christmas?

No, definitely not.

But if you feel so inclined.


Earrings • Running Shirt • Laptop Case • Rain Jacket • Powder Brush

Cooling Rack • Throw Blanket • Giant • French Rolling Pin • Power Saver • Boxwood Wreath • Tea Ball

For the dreams I have of living in Downton Abbey or becoming the Duchess of Cambridge

LK Bennett (no longer in stock) • Celebrate by Pippa Middleton (Brit edition) • Barbour Rain Jacket • Aquatalia Rhumba suede waterproof boots • Dressing the Queen by Angela Kelly • Philip Treacy hat • Le Chameau Wellies • Mulberry Bag • Fieldcoat
Jimmy Choos • Gilbert Blythe or Colin Firth or Hugh Grant or all three • DeBeers Diamond Studs • A puppy

However, before you start your Christmas shopping, register your card through Pure Charity.  You can choose what charities your card supports.  Some companies, like Target, already donate 1.5% of your purchase so now you can have a say in where that money goes.

It’s legit.  Read about it all here and sign up here.

Happy shopping!

Feel free to buy something for me while you’re at it!

Old News is Still News

My best friend is expecting!  (Thank you all for the congratulatory text messages, no joke by the way!)

I’ve been meaning to blog about it, but she asked me to keep it a secret since last week after she wore this fabulous tartan dress and I wasn’t sure when the rest of the world would know.


I do hate that that William is flashed with pictures when he tries to visit his wife in the hospital and even her parents outside their home.  I hate that an Australian radio station impersonated the Queen and was able to find out information on her condition.  I refuse to go to websites with paparazzi pictures.

I just want my girl to get better.

Then, I’ll start planning her shower.

In the meantime, Twitter is awfully entertaining!

Screen shot 2012-12-05 at 6.19.29 AM