A Fabric Headboard

I made a fabric headboard a few weeks ago for my new room!  Ok, my parents really, really helped.  

It was an adventure fitting the plywood in my car, but it worked.

I used 5 inch foam from Jo Ann’s.  4 inch foam would have been preferable but by the time I lugged over the 5 inch foam, that was fine with me!
I free handed a cut out of the plywood to give it a nice shape.  Then, after cutting one side with a serrated knife, I flipped over the wood to trace the other side to make sure the sides were even.
After stapling the batting down over the foam, the fabric went on.  I went with a solid and something basic so I can change out my pillows and lampshades later if I want.  You can also add beading or upholstery nails to give a more defined look.
Daddy then drilled two holes into the bottom plywood to secure it to my bed frame.

Total Cost
$50… 3 yards of linen fabric from Forsyth Fabric
$30… Sanded BC Pine 4’x8′ from Home Depot that we had cut down to I can’t remember what dimensions!
$75… 1 2/3 yard of 5 inch foam from Jo Ann’s (be sure to print off a 40% off coupon to buy this!  Otherwise, it would have been $125!)
$8… Batting
Staples & Staple gun

Total: $163 versus Pottery Barn’s $600!

Loving the finished product!


Little Lady’s Bunting

For my sister’s baby shower, I wanted to make her something, but my patience with baby clothes isn’t the best, so I settled on something a little more British, bunting!

I picked out some fabric quarters at Jo Ann’s
Traced the size I wanted out of a cereal box
Sewed each triangle inside out (after ironing).  Only two sides need to be sewn together!
Then sewed together with binding tape!
Perfect way to decorate lots of wall space in a nursery

Burp cloths for baby Josh

My cousin is having a baby any day now, so I made burp cloths for her baby boy.

Turns out simple burp cloths are actually diaper liners.  Things you don’t know until you have kids and end up searching Target for 15 minutes before asking someone.
I picked out three different fabrics.  The nursery is animal/jungle themed, so I went with brighter colors.

I found it easier to only fold the fabric over once.  I used a zig-zag stitch so the lines wouldn’t have to be so straight.
I really like the elephant fabric.

I was happy with the finished product.  It was super easy, which is good since you never know how long a burp cloth will last.

Cutest kids in town

First off, let’s just say that baby girl clothes are so much cuter than baby boy clothes.  Boys have cute stuff like airplanes, but with girls, there are ribbons and ruffles and everything that is pink and precious.

I didn’t take pictures when I was sewing baby Hannah’s dress,
but I remembered to do it for baby Gavin’s jumper.
 I did the zipper all by myself this time!

and there were pockets
 and even button snaps!He’ll be stylin!

and baby will make three!

I made pretty, smart, funny, but mostly pretty friends in college.
 and now they’re doing adult things like getting married, buying houses, and having babies, so next time we go to the beach together like this, there will be more of us!

Katie’s shower for baby Hannah was this past weekend.  You know when you have two great friends and they’re perfect for each other and then when they have a baby, you think wow, that is going to be one fun kid.  Well, that is Katie and Joey.

The hosts did a lovely job.

I mean, the detail everywhere.  They were good.

Jenna bought baby books and had everyone write a note to the baby.  I’m so stealing this idea!  So thoughtful.

Plus, I tried cake pops.  I’m not a huge cake fan, but cake pops were delicious.  These tasted like a fudge brownie.  Yum-o!
The baby shower was a good excuse to see everyone.  Plus, baby girl clothes are super cute and I got to sew baby Hannah this dress!

Can’t wait to steal her for the weekend babysit and see her wear it!

To kick off NY Fashion Week

I love the game of football.  Yes, I do.  However, there’s more to it than just a game.  In the South, the first game is our version of New York Fashion Week.  At first you think, “really, are rompers in?” and then you see a girl rocking it so well, you think, “maybe I can get behind this movement.”  Only, we’ll see what trend this season brings.

Being an alum, I have the privilege of not having to dress up as much.  Plus, it’s hard to look good when you’re sweating in 100+ degree heat.  I could wear shorts to a game and I’m definitely not wearing heels, but I’ll never wear a hoodie.  This is the SEC.  We’re like veteran Prada except the college students still have Daddy’s credit card.

Keeping up with gameday tradition, I made a skirt for last weekend’s game.

It’s kind of hard to find fabric that has both red and black in it, so when I found a cute red/black pattern back in January, I bought a few yards knowing I’d eventually use it.
 I had three thoughts while sewing this skirt.

1. It must have taken people FOREVER to sew without sewing machines back in the day.  This easy skirt took me some time, so I am grateful to live in this time.

2. How did people sew without Youtube?  I used this video.  I even sewed a liner in it.  While I may be the only girl my age who still wears a slip, liners are much cooler than a nylon slip in the South in the summer.
 3. Zippers are hard to sew, especially when you’re banking on adjusting the width with where you sew the zipper and it makes your skirt a little uneven.  Whoops.

Gotta run, Victoria Beckham’s calling.

Sewing Project: Apron

A couple months ago I spotted some fabric in Hobby Lobby that just screamed Sloan.  Since I am still uber excited about my sewing machine, I decided to go ahead and use this opportunity to make her something.  Heck, I made myself one too.

I used this apron below as the pattern.

An apron is a good thing to practice on.  You have to think about sewing the part that ties inside out and remember to fold your hem over twice!

This is my favorite part, the ruffle!  I just did a loose stitch and pulled it.  Well that’s not exactly true.  I watched lots of Youtube videos on how to sew a ruffle and then I forgot to sew the ruffle before I sewed the seam.  The seam ripper and I are now quite acquainted with one another.

And I made a pocket, hopefully big enough for an Iphone.

The finished product. Not the best picture of it because it looks huge, but you get the idea.