more weekends in Athens

Georgia has a weird and fairly annoying schedule where we are either home for all of September and then away for all of October (like this year) or the reverse.  After heading to Athens for Troy, we’ve been back the past two weekends as well.

The Tennessee game was a nail biter but we won 35-32.  As Jim says, they sure don’t make it easy.  It was frustrating, but I’ll take the win.
and Gurley jumped over another player!
gurley Jim and I managed to get a picture where we are both smiling and my eyes are even open.

Friends and friends of friends joined us for Vanderbilt.  It was homecoming in the Classic City.
It was so cold on Saturday, the wind was super strong.  Don’t let that guy wearing shorts make you think he wasn’t freezing.  It was nice fall football weather but really cold.

This game was a much easier win, 44-17 and it was great showing everyone the tailgate and Athens, the best college town that ever was.  We all had a great time!!  (y’all come back now!)

I stayed with Jason and Kacina Saturday night because on Sunday we celebrated Kac and the new baby on the way!  It was great to spend time with them before they are sleepless parents.  I treasure these girls.

Some of the few other blondes in a room full of Greek women who also wrote the sweetest post to the baby
We can’t wait to meet their sweet baby girl!

I wrote this earlier and just now when I’m about to post this, they announced that Gurley is suspended indefinitely.  They really don’t make it easy on us.

I will have to get my joy from football in watching SEC Wives (I’ve only seen 5 minutes and I love it!) if things keep getting worse.


May Flowers

Peonies from a friend
The last class from Disciple I (sad to see this end)
A sweet baby girl in a sweet smocked dress
Embracing spring
Celebrating Jenna and Stephen (with vegan cake, of course)
Buckhead Arts Festival with Alison

May, you’ve been fun.

The day before their big day

Now, time to catch up on blogging my best friend’s wedding!

The morning of the rehearsal, Sloan’s grandmother, aunt, and cousin hosted the bridesmaid’s luncheon.
It was a lovely affair in Siloam, Georgia.
And the kind where you know you’re in good company when a friend (thanks Pease) takes your chicken salad in return for frozen fruit salad because you just can’t take the taste of chicken salad.

The best girls for the job!
We then went and helped set up for the lovely rehearsal dinner!
and later we rehearsed for the wedding of these love birds
then we toasted to them thanks to the great dinner hosted by these two at the Yesterday Cafe in Greensboro (home of the famous buttermilk pie which Carrie Underwood had at her wedding)
Her mama had us all in tears.
We, girls, were very good at getting in a line all weekend!
The boys, not so much
but one boy in particular was giddy all weekend

Next up: Sloan and Ryan’s wedding!

Showering Sloan

In honor of Saturday’s festivities…

Along with our wonderful mothers, Brittany, Jamie, and I hosted a shower for Sloan a few weekends ago.

It was a lovely shower complete with games

(this was a fun one that I’d play again!  You take old and new kitchen utensils and put them on a tray.  After uncovering the utensils, everyone has a partner and they observe the tray of utensils for a minute.  Then, you cover the tray and they have to write down as many utensils as they remember.  I had no idea what an old can opener looked like!)

Back to the regular programming:

We at delicious food
{chicken salad tarts, pasta salad, cheese straws, Palmiers, fruit salad, veggie tray, pimento cheese sandwiches, and lemon blueberry cupcakes}
{champagne punch, water with cucumber, and last but not least, citrus tea}

and she opened lots of gifts!
sloan3We had a lovely time!

I love these girls!

Now, Sloan has been showered and is ready for the big day!

Sloan Does Charleston

We celebrated Sloan’s bachelorette in Charleston a few weekends ago!

Jamie and I got a later start than everyone else and looked like two criminals who just broke out of prison.
After a night on the town Friday night, on Saturday with the sun shining and temps in the 70s, we took advantage of a spring day in the south.

We walked through the market
where beautiful sweetgrass baskets are made,stumbled upon a St. Patrick’s Day parade,
brunched at Poogan’s Porch,
which had some of the best biscuits,
walked through the beautiful streets of Charleston,
{window boxes, how I love thee}
hit up Rainbow Road,
took a carriage ride with this one,
walked to the battery (which always make me think of Pat Conroy),
picked out a few houses I wouldn’t mind living in
and got really frustrated that Atlanta burned down.  I wish we had Charleston’s charm.

Saturday night we honored our bachelorette!
and if you think she didn’t like her wand, think again
We had a great weekend together!
Especially dancing all night Saturday!It was a perfect weekend in a perfect city with a perfect time together!

I’m so thankful all these girls came together to celebrate our incredible friend, Sloan!
She is something special!
My only regret is coming back home.  

Little Lady’s Bunting

For my sister’s baby shower, I wanted to make her something, but my patience with baby clothes isn’t the best, so I settled on something a little more British, bunting!

I picked out some fabric quarters at Jo Ann’s
Traced the size I wanted out of a cereal box
Sewed each triangle inside out (after ironing).  Only two sides need to be sewn together!
Then sewed together with binding tape!
Perfect way to decorate lots of wall space in a nursery

The couple who shucks oysters together, stays together

Last weekend, the tailgating crew threw a low-country boil for Sloan and Ryan.
734206_10151358675277831_2054012544_nI think I would like to decorate with oysters in a jar.  Minus the smell.

I tried a steamed oyster and the only taste was that of the Tar-Tar sauce.  I don’t understand what the fuss about oysters is all about.

But I do like the fuss sass in this picture.  Love this picture of them her!

580533_10151358675727831_799884040_nLess than 2 months until the big day!!


Thanks to Monica for the pictures!