Cooking from the Farm

Last weekend, Jim’s mom sent us back from the farm with a good amount of food!

I decided to use the corn and squash to try something new.  I made creamed corn and delicious squash pepper slices, let’s call them squash boats that she made us for supper as she came up with the recipe on her own!

For the creamed corn, I roughly used this recipe.  I’m a fan of creamed corn, but I usually buy the frozen McKenzie creamed corn because it’s ready in a few minutes and it really is amazing.

I fried up a couple pieces of bacon and left the grease from the bacon in the pan.  (and ate the bacon, of course) Then, I milked the corn.
I looked up some videos on YouTube on how to milk the corn.  I cut the corn about halfway then flipped the knife around and scraped the back.  Jim’s technique was  to slit the corn before cutting.  We each thought our way yielded more cream.
I added the corn with the other ingredients- salt, pepper (not much since you can add those later), flour, sugar, heavy cream, and water to the bacon grease.

It cooked down for a while and turned out like this.
Then, you add the butter.  The creamed corn was excellent.  A little bit of a hassle having to cream all the corn, but a nice treat, especially with fresh corn.  Something my Mimi probably made often.

For the squash, it’s best to use squash that is on the smaller side.  Cut off the ends, cut them in half, and scoop out the seed parts.
Slice up a red pepper and a sweet onion to put in the squash.  Add salt and pepper.
Top with a slice of raw bacon because of course.  Cook in the oven (I think I did 375 for 15 minutes at least and then broiled the bacon at the end).

Sprinkle cheese on top once squash/bacon is ready and take it out once melted.
Y’all these were so good.  They didn’t even taste like squash.  Thanks to Jim’s mom for letting me steal her recipe,  I’ll be making this again!

This is my kind of summer meal.  So tasty.  Paired with baked ranch chicken, I was one full and happy girl.
 Thank goodness for leftovers.


Augusta National

Last week was a great week for me.  On Tuesday, I went to the home opener for the Braves.  We lost the game but the tailgating was great and good to be back at the Ted.
Then, Thursday was the best day.  The best.

In fact, my coworkers have been asking, “so how was the Masters?”  My response, “Oh, you mean the best day of my life?  It was incredible.”

Did I go to the Masters this year?

Heck yes I did.

I have always dreamed of going to the Masters: Exhibit A and I enjoy the sport of golf: Exhibit B, but last Thursday Masters veteran Jim took me to the Masters (I’m so grateful!) and it was perfect.

Minus the fact that I was ornery on the drive up after leaving my phone at home.  Who me, ornery?  I know, it’s hard to believe.  And yes, I knew that I couldn’t take my phone onto the course but still, sometimes you just get mad at yourself and aren’t a good sport about it.

We made it to Augusta early Thursday morning, the first day of the tournament round and when we walked through the gates, it was like stepping into a whole different world.  I’d say Heaven on earth.

The grass was perfectly groomed.  The gravel was even painted green.  The beer was cheap.  The food was really good.  The azaleas were gorgeous though not fully in bloom.  The sun was shining with utterly perfect spring weather.  There were lines for the men’s bathroom but not the women’s (can I get a what, what).  (We’ll ignore the fact that somehow Jim still beat me out.)  The people who work there were so, so nice and friendly.  It was wonderful to just be us and the course, no checking of phones, no technology, just paying attention to golf, taking it all in, and of course quality time with Jimbo.  The whole environment at the National was excellent.

I was so happy.  We walked most of the course and saw so many golfers (including standing right next to Bubba when he teed off- being a short girl has its advantages when men let you stand in front of them).  We then retired to sitting on 16 for a while and then at 13 and 14 in the grandstand.  We saw Phil, Ernie, Freddie, Luke Donald, Bubba, Sergio, Adam Scott, Rory, just everyone.

Everything they say about the Masters being magical and unlike any other place is true.  I didn’t want to leave.  I’m so grateful that I had the privilege to go.  It really was a perfect day.

Yesterday when Bubba won and Adam Scott put the green jacket on him, I could have frozen that tv frame, just beautiful.  Then, Bubba, a true Dawg, celebrating his win at Waffle House, double win.

In them old cotton fields back home

It’s cotton picking time down south.  Thanks to a cute farmer who brought me some cotton, I made a cotton wreath last month!

I used  a grapevine wreath and cut the bolls and stuck them right into the wreath
What a beautiful plant
Ta-da!  It was a very easy project, and I hot glued the bolls ones that wouldn’t stay in.
I love love my cotton wreath!

The Apple of My Eye

A few weeks ago, my niece and sister came for a visit and the highlight of their trip was the family driving up to Blue Ridge in the north Georgia mountains.
How cute is that face?!

We had a great lunch and played dress up with our doll, though in my opinion, nothing beats a bow on a Southern baby girl.
I think she looks like Max from Grumpy Old Men here.  But cuter.
We went to Mercier Orchards for the afternoon.  It’s becoming a fall tradition.
We bought all apple things- apple butter, apples, apple pies and tried the hard apple cider.  The little lady tried to get some herself.  She knew what she was missing.

But as with all things with a baby, it’s all about the pictures.

With the grandparents
With her favorite aunt and mama

Other than getting to take some of these home with us (Fried apple pie=Heaven)
the best part was spending time with this baby girl and her mom

What I’m loving right now: Fall 2013

1. These booties

2. This list of 100 places to eat at right now in the South by Southern Living.  So many in Atlanta to try!

3. I recently discovered that I have a dairy allergy.  No milk, no sour cream, no cream cheese, no cheddar cheese, no mozzarella cheese, none of it.  Well, at least not much.  It’s pretty horrible.

Luckily, Kacina introduced me to dairy free ice cream, and I am forever grateful.  It lacks the creamy taste (obviously) of ice cream and kind of tastes like cold chocolate, but it gets the job done.  Available at Target and Kroger.

4. This post by Whitney of Sometimes Always Never.  I can’t stop thinking about her words here:

When we let people see everything we call a flaw is really when we are letting them see our vulnerabilities. It’s when they see us as a person, not an act. It’s when we make room for them to give us grace.
5. That we beat Tennessee this past weekend!  It was close, in fact too close going into overtime.  Plus, we had so many players get injured, but it sure was fun watching Chris Conley’s one handed catch and Murray’s run.  Go Dawgs.
6. The fact that it is in the 70s all this week and sunny!  Fall, I welcome you with open arms and a light jacket.
Happy Tuesday, y’all!

Sloan and Ryan 5.4.2013

The plan was to have an outdoor reception
complete with a chandelier hanging from a tree above the cake.
But it rained.
And it poured.
But that didn’t stop us from having a fabulous/amazing/fantastic time
with a hopping dance floor
and a beautiful setting with lights and flowers everywhere
and tasty food (hello mac and cheese bar)
and all of Sloan and Ryan’s fun friends and family.

It was a great wedding.
I didn’t want it to end.
In fact, I had to tell Sloan it was time to leave,
and I felt so bad.

I was honored to be her maid of honor,
and I’m incredibly happy for my best friend.

And this song sums it up perfectly:

I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day
When it’s cold outside,
I’ve got the month of May
I guess you’d say,
What can make me feel this way?
My girl.

{Her dad is a pine tree farmer}{Bride and Groom}

Showering Sloan

In honor of Saturday’s festivities…

Along with our wonderful mothers, Brittany, Jamie, and I hosted a shower for Sloan a few weekends ago.

It was a lovely shower complete with games

(this was a fun one that I’d play again!  You take old and new kitchen utensils and put them on a tray.  After uncovering the utensils, everyone has a partner and they observe the tray of utensils for a minute.  Then, you cover the tray and they have to write down as many utensils as they remember.  I had no idea what an old can opener looked like!)

Back to the regular programming:

We at delicious food
{chicken salad tarts, pasta salad, cheese straws, Palmiers, fruit salad, veggie tray, pimento cheese sandwiches, and lemon blueberry cupcakes}
{champagne punch, water with cucumber, and last but not least, citrus tea}

and she opened lots of gifts!
sloan3We had a lovely time!

I love these girls!

Now, Sloan has been showered and is ready for the big day!