Drew and Marissa 5.3.2014

My freshmen year roommate (and high school friend) Marissa tied the knot last weekend (to my other high school friend) Drew, who was also my partner in badminton class in college.

After nine years of dating, this was one sweet wedding filled with lots of love.

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner

With a few of the bridesmaids, Mash and SammDrew is originally from Wisconsin and Marissa’s family is from western Canada.  What a treat to have so many of them come to town for the occasion.  Saturday was a full day of getting ready.  I could get used to having my hair and make-up done every day if it didn’t take two hours.
and hula-hooping!  We found some hula hoops in the room where we were getting ready.   It all came back to us!

Bride, MOH, and MOB getting down!
And then we spent the rest of the day gawking at the stunning bride

Isn’t she gorgeous?!  

The band played all night and we danced all night!

This was my favorite part of the night- their friend singing “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg”

A dark but complete picture of the bridesmaids

I was so honored to be part of this fun wedding and to be friends with this couple.  Drew, may you have as much fun living with Marissa (Patty!) as I did.  If she has trouble falling asleep, she enjoys Home Alone 2 trivia.



a recap of March 2014

March was a busy month (hence the lack of blogging) and started out on a high note with Eric and Terilyn’s wedding on the first day

and of course we took a horrible selfie in the 12 passenger van on the way to the wedding because why not?

then celebrated this tall drink of water’s birthday
along with all his ladies

The second weekend in March I headed to Savannah for Marissa’s bachelorette!  We had a fabulous time complete with a haunted bar crawl, lots of walking and eating around the beautiful city, a fair amount of drinking, and celebrating our girl.  And getting haunted by Marge, a Savannah ghost.

The weekend after that was a trip to Athens for Chris and Mandy’s wedding.

The next week was finals and all I’ll say is that I’m glad that’s over!  (until the next ones)

Then, it was great day of service at church which meant landscaping with this hardworking crew
The last weekend in March was a family weekend with all of my siblings coming to town (we missed you Seba and Chris!) along with this little peanut, so we took her to see the 12 million daffodils at Gibbs Gardens.

March was exhausting (and really cold) but very fun.  Here’s to you, April.

Jay and Emmy 1.18.14

Kerrville, TX: Home of Johnny Football and the site for my cousin’s wedding last weekend.

I flew into San Antonio and of course made a stop with Mama and Daddy at Luby’s, the Ritz of cafeterias.  This restaurant was a staple of my childhood.  If you’ve seen King of the Hill, Hank’s niece, Luanne Platter is named after Luby’s  dish, the Lu Ann.  Best served with chicken fried steak.

We made our way to Kerville and helped get ready for the rehearsal dinner that night, which was a great time for the two families to meet.

My family in town that night with the bride and groom minus Aunt Karen who is always behind the camera!
The siblings.  This one is tough because we are so happy to have them all together, but we really missed our Aunt Cathy this weekend.  We know she was watching down telling Emmy, “oh darling, you are a beautiful bride!”

The party featured really good Tex-Mex with a grill station outside!

This wreath hung on the door of the couple’s new house- two lovebirds, isn’t that precious?!

On Saturday, a few of us went to Fredericksburg for the day and ate and shopped!  Pretty Texas limestone
And found a five and ten store, which made the old older people happy!  (ok, me too)
The Texas hill country- full of armadillos, rattlesnakes, cactus, and rolling hills.  It really is pretty.

That afternoon I got my nails done with the ladies and guys who hopefully tipped them very well.  Uncle Chris will not install a massage chair in his tv room.

Then it was time for the wedding, which was beautiful!  And so sweet!  And Emily looked gorgeous!!  Aunt Paula too!  What a happy occasion!

I was sad for Emmy that her dad was in the hospital and couldn’t make it, but thanks to it being 2014 where he was able to watch through Facetime!

We partied it up at the reception!  And we ate really, really good food!  My cousin is a chef and has good taste- quail pizza, butternut squash soup, duck confit, a whole pig, sliders, and more.
Uncle Bruce and I kept the dance floor going along with this jokester.
We loved on sweet baby Jack
and had good cousin time!
On Sunday, we had brunch at Jay’s family ranch overlooking the Guadalupe River.
A sight for sore eyes.  How beautiful!  I love the Texas hill country!

It was a lovely way to wrap up a great weekend with family I love so much!  We are excited to welcome Jay into our family!

Texas, we’ll come back now, ya hear!

Jenna and Stephen 7.5.2013

Two Fridays ago, Stephen and Jenna tied the knot at Summerour in Atlanta.

Jenna was a year older than me in the sorority, and I basically lived with her and Katie sophomore year in the house.  (I lived in three rooms that year, it was a great year)  She and Stephen, a Cincinnati boy, met when they were both living in NYC.  They now live in a cute little house in Atlanta and are such a fun and cute couple!  They are happy people!

The happy hour felt like a little Italian villa.
Jenna was a fabric design major in college, so she is crafty.

Exhibit A:

(and the jam was peach!)

Exhibit B: They have an odd fascination with dinosaurs and used some for the centerpieces during happy hour.  Then, kids lined them all up.
We ate such good food (even though she’s vegan, there was lots of meat and cheese!) I have really been impressed with wedding food lately!

Then, we hit the dance floor because their band was the best band I’ve ever heard at a wedding!  Az Izz was like going to a concert- they had dance moves to every song and their voices were great.  At the beginning of the night, they played older songs and then by the end, they were playing Atlanta rap songs.  They had more energy than a small child.

Yes, I got their card.  I’ll be passing it around to all my friends.  If you’re getting married or throwing a party, please hire them as your band and invite] me to this event.   They won’t let you down, so please don’t let me down.

We had such a great time!!

There was even a celebrity appearance- Jep Roberston from Duck Dynasty
Ok, so it’s just Joey, but he is a mountain man.
Everyone danced in a pretzel since the couple tied the knot!
King of Pops was there with their delicious and Atlanta’s favorite popsicles.
We took a blurry Sigma Kappa + spouses picture, but the bad lighting won the fight
We sent them on their way!
And now they are together forever!

Tricia and Frank 5.18.2013

The wedding was two weeks ago, but they are now making the news, so it’s time I blogged about it!

Tricia, my next door neighbor in college, and Frank were married at her grandparent’s lake house on Lake Lanier.  After the ceremony, they walked over to the dock and then the dock flippend and the entire wedding party fell in.

You can see it on the Daily Mail, Yahoo, and Inside Edition.
 It was crazy!  Unfortunately, one of the bridesmaids dislocated her shoulder and didn’t make it to the reception.  A groomsmen cut his hand and had to get a tetanus shot.  Other than that, everyone was ok and the bridesmaids were able to dry their dresses.  Ek!  Everyone else laughed it off!

The rain held off for the reception too, so only the wedding party got wet!

It was a beautiful setting with lights in the trees and couches out on the lawn.
Our college roommates and Frank!
To send them off, we sent lanterns in the air!
Beautiful wedding and the happy couple is now skyping into the news from their honeymoon!

Sloan and Ryan 5.4.2013

The plan was to have an outdoor reception
complete with a chandelier hanging from a tree above the cake.
But it rained.
And it poured.
But that didn’t stop us from having a fabulous/amazing/fantastic time
with a hopping dance floor
and a beautiful setting with lights and flowers everywhere
and tasty food (hello mac and cheese bar)
and all of Sloan and Ryan’s fun friends and family.

It was a great wedding.
I didn’t want it to end.
In fact, I had to tell Sloan it was time to leave,
and I felt so bad.

I was honored to be her maid of honor,
and I’m incredibly happy for my best friend.

And this song sums it up perfectly:

I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day
When it’s cold outside,
I’ve got the month of May
I guess you’d say,
What can make me feel this way?
My girl.

{Her dad is a pine tree farmer}{Bride and Groom}

The day before their big day

Now, time to catch up on blogging my best friend’s wedding!

The morning of the rehearsal, Sloan’s grandmother, aunt, and cousin hosted the bridesmaid’s luncheon.
It was a lovely affair in Siloam, Georgia.
And the kind where you know you’re in good company when a friend (thanks Pease) takes your chicken salad in return for frozen fruit salad because you just can’t take the taste of chicken salad.

The best girls for the job!
We then went and helped set up for the lovely rehearsal dinner!
and later we rehearsed for the wedding of these love birds
then we toasted to them thanks to the great dinner hosted by these two at the Yesterday Cafe in Greensboro (home of the famous buttermilk pie which Carrie Underwood had at her wedding)
Her mama had us all in tears.
We, girls, were very good at getting in a line all weekend!
The boys, not so much
but one boy in particular was giddy all weekend

Next up: Sloan and Ryan’s wedding!