The rest of May + most of June 2014

I left off right before Memorial Day, so I’ll pick up there.

Jim and I headed down to Gulf Shores for the long weekend.  Neither of us had been, and we both loved it.  It’s a beach and boating community.  When you get tired of looking at this
there is this view of the bay
We had some great meals
an especially good one at Cobalt

We did a lot of reading (when I wasn’t eating) and catching up with some of his old friends

But the highlight for me was the fishing trip with his brother and sister-in-law.  We went through Zeke’s Landing and went out on a smaller center console boat.  I’ve done inshore fishing before, but this was actual cast your own line and wait.  We had to work for it, which I really enjoyed.  We went out into the Gulf and then around in the bay on a four hour tour.  It was so much fun!
David caught a flounder and Brady and Jim caught some stingrays and catfish and probably other stuff that I can’t remember.  I used all the muscles in my body to reel in this jack something fish, only to find out that we had to throw it back.

Somehow later I had the good fortune of catching this big boy under a dock in the bay.  I was informed it is a red fish.  (Lesson learned: it is ok to let the captain cast for you in the perfect spot)
We lucked out on beautiful weather all weekend, it was such a great time!  I’m ready to go back to Orange Beach or any beach for that matter!

The weekend after Memorial Day was an outing to Top Golf with my parents, which was a blast!  A little more of a clubbish feel than I would like, but it was a Friday night in suburbia and the party was hoppin.

On Saturday, Jamie, Kacina, and I (plus the little one in Kacina’s belly!!!!) headed to Callaway Gardens.  We talked, ate, hiked, talked, relaxed, talked, and just enjoyed each other’s company.

Callaway Gardens was so pretty and relaxing.  It was a treat to be with these two and we realized we have been friends for 9 years!

The weekend after that was a trip to Six Flags Saturday morning for my company summer picnic.  My friend Allison joined me, also known now as the daredevil.  It was HOT, but we got there early and made it to the front of almost every ride before the crowds go there.
It was a blast running around the park.  I only sat out one ride, but can you blame me?
I still love Superman, but Allison’s favorite is Goliath.  Her motto is “Arms up, eyes open!”

After an exhausting day, I headed to the Zac Brown Band concert that night.  I got tickets at the last minute, and other than having to be around high school kids who found a way to get alcohol, it was an excellent concert.  He played a lot of covers of some old country artists, which I loved, and his band is just full of great musicians.

Summer, I love you!


Augusta National

Last week was a great week for me.  On Tuesday, I went to the home opener for the Braves.  We lost the game but the tailgating was great and good to be back at the Ted.
Then, Thursday was the best day.  The best.

In fact, my coworkers have been asking, “so how was the Masters?”  My response, “Oh, you mean the best day of my life?  It was incredible.”

Did I go to the Masters this year?

Heck yes I did.

I have always dreamed of going to the Masters: Exhibit A and I enjoy the sport of golf: Exhibit B, but last Thursday Masters veteran Jim took me to the Masters (I’m so grateful!) and it was perfect.

Minus the fact that I was ornery on the drive up after leaving my phone at home.  Who me, ornery?  I know, it’s hard to believe.  And yes, I knew that I couldn’t take my phone onto the course but still, sometimes you just get mad at yourself and aren’t a good sport about it.

We made it to Augusta early Thursday morning, the first day of the tournament round and when we walked through the gates, it was like stepping into a whole different world.  I’d say Heaven on earth.

The grass was perfectly groomed.  The gravel was even painted green.  The beer was cheap.  The food was really good.  The azaleas were gorgeous though not fully in bloom.  The sun was shining with utterly perfect spring weather.  There were lines for the men’s bathroom but not the women’s (can I get a what, what).  (We’ll ignore the fact that somehow Jim still beat me out.)  The people who work there were so, so nice and friendly.  It was wonderful to just be us and the course, no checking of phones, no technology, just paying attention to golf, taking it all in, and of course quality time with Jimbo.  The whole environment at the National was excellent.

I was so happy.  We walked most of the course and saw so many golfers (including standing right next to Bubba when he teed off- being a short girl has its advantages when men let you stand in front of them).  We then retired to sitting on 16 for a while and then at 13 and 14 in the grandstand.  We saw Phil, Ernie, Freddie, Luke Donald, Bubba, Sergio, Adam Scott, Rory, just everyone.

Everything they say about the Masters being magical and unlike any other place is true.  I didn’t want to leave.  I’m so grateful that I had the privilege to go.  It really was a perfect day.

Yesterday when Bubba won and Adam Scott put the green jacket on him, I could have frozen that tv frame, just beautiful.  Then, Bubba, a true Dawg, celebrating his win at Waffle House, double win.

Two images

Congratulations to my future husband, Adam Scott, on his recent Masters win.  We were supposed to meet when I followed him around at the PGA a few years ago, but I guess he wanted to win a major first.  I’ll be waiting by the phone.

I just so happen to love this picture of him.

On a different note, this is in tomorrow’s AJC.  Thinking of you, Boston.

image, image

On the Tee…

Last Wednesday Matt and I went to a practice round at the PGA Championship at Atlanta Athletic Club.  It was my first major.

When we got there, Tiger had started on the back nine and was almost on hole 18.  We along with a huge crowd saw him play the 18th.


We ran to Hole 1 to watch him play the front nine, but he only played nine holes.  Bummer.

The nice thing about golf is that you can see so many top athletes at once and get pretty close to them.  It really is amazing how good they are.

Y.E. Yang

Miguel Angel Jimenez – The Mechanic with his stogie

Geoff Ogilvy
Vijay Singh
Jose Maria Olazabal
 Ernie Els
Zach Johnson

Ian Poulter

Graeme McDowell Davis Love III
Anthony Kim

Luke Donald
Red pants… not just for Georgia boys.
Matt was a kind brother letting me follow the Australian hottie Adam Scott.  I’ve been a fan of him for quite some years, and he was runner-up at the Masters this year and won the Bridgestone the weekend before.  Plus, his caddy just so happens to be Stevie Williams.
Since Adam is kind of a pretty boy, I decided Keegan Bradley would work out for me just fine.  :)

I also got to see Whitney’s b/f Rory McIlroy.  Maybe we’ll double date sometime…
In fact, I’m still waiting on Rory to respond to my tweets.

The course was beautiful, and the weather was hot (it is Atlanta in August) but nice with a constant breeze.  Perfect day for golf.  The course looked impossible.  Tons of bunkers and water.

Hole 1
View from hole 4

Hole 9

Bunkerland at Hole 14

Hole 12

Hole 18… lots of water, where we saw lots of balls go
My golf coach and I after a long day in the sun

Congrats Keegan on the win!

A Tradition Like No Other

It’s Masters week!

Which means the azaleas and dogwoods are in perfect bloom

and Jim Nantz and that soft music will be on CBS all weekend.

It’s finally here!  If only I had a ticket… and for a brief second today, I thought I did.

Matt (my brother who is obsessed with golf, especially the Masters): Hey, so I got two free tickets to Friday!!!!!! (Matt has connections)

Me: WOW!!!  That’s amazing!  Who are you taking?

Matt: Well, I asked dad but he said he had a meeting.

Me: breathing very heavy

Matt: Luckily, he got out of it, so he can go.


Very excited for them!  And pretty jealous.  Maybe they’ll bring me back a pimento cheese sandwich.